Mueller Investigation Source and Pedophile Arrested for Illegal Campaign Contribution Scheme

Go ahead and take a wild guess who he was running this scheme to benefit.

George Nader has been indicted for running an illegal campaign contribution ring that funneled money into Hillary Clinton’s campaign. You may remember his name because he was a long time “source” for Robert Mueller’s investigation. As I wrote back in June, Nader had already been charged with a criminal complaint stemming from child pornography. Despite that, Mueller and his team never arrested him, instead choosing to let a predator walk around free because he might provide dirt on the orange man. You can read the timeline and details of that at this link.


It wasn’t until Mueller wrapped up his investigation that the FBI finally picked up Nader. Now, his list of problems just got longer.

That “candidate for President of the United States in the 2016 election” is Hillary Clinton. Once again, we see another person who tried to interact with the Trump campaign (promising to set up meetings in this case) turn out to be a Democrat operative. He was then cultivated as part of the Mueller investigation. This gives us a better idea of why he was so eager.

Nader is dead to rights here. He’s already in custody on the child pornography charges and now this looks open and shut as well. What this does show is just how far the bureaucracy was willing to go to try to “get” Donald Trump. Letting a guy like this walk around free, knowing they had him on multiple charges, all so he could hopefully squeal on the President shows the low levels to which they are willing to reach.



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