Apparently, Donald Trump Is Using 'Mind Control' on His Supporters Like 'Jim Jones'

CNN’s Brian Stelter decided to strap on the skis and find a good shark to jump this weekend. That’s a common theme for the weekend show “Reliable Sources.” He had the full slate on the schedule, including a sympathetic interview with Katie Hill, in which he painted a woman who had a threesome with a staffer as a victim of “right-wing smears.” We’ll save that for another post, though.


To end his show, Stelter decided that it’d be a good idea to have a “doctor” on to tell us how Donald Trump is actually using mind control on his supporters. Yes, this is real life.

One of his sources for this tripe? Disgraced “journalist” Dan Rather, who famously had his career ended for spreading fake documents about George W. Bush. Leave it to CNN to make him a regular again, because journalism or something.

Stelter then brings on Steve Hassan, who wrote some nonsense book about Trump being a cult leader. Hassan is an avid Democratic donor and hardly an unbiased “expert” on the matter of Donald Trump. He compares Trump to Jim Jones, the guy who killed most of his followers and made “drinking the kool-aid” a common saying.

The ironic thing about Stelter’s act is that he’s always right there to serve as the PR arm for any Democrats who have their health questioned0. With Hillary Clinton, he wrote an entire op-ed claiming any questioning of her passing out and being slung around like a slab of meat were just “con.3spiracy theories.” When Joe Biden’s eye exploded on stage and he started stammering at rallies, Stelter rushed to tweet out the campaign’s statement saying questions about Biden’s health were a “baseless smear.”


But when it comes to Trump, he’s all about the speculation and playing doctor on TV. Every week, I think CNN can’t become more of a parody of itself. Somehow, they keep surpassing my expectations.


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