Andrew Weissmann Is Now an MSNBC 'Analyst' Giving Hot Takes On Impeachment

Federal prosecutors Sam Buell, far left, and Andrew Weissmann, center, smile as they talk with reporters outside the Federal Courthouse after winning their case against Arthur Andersen in Houston Saturday, June 15, 2002. A jury on Saturday convicted Arthur Andersen of shredding Enron-related documents, dealing the company a huge blow and giving a first victory to prosecutors investigating Enron's collapse. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

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The incestuous muck that is our political elite never cease to live up to their reputation.

Enter Andrew Weissmann, who made a resurgence during the Mueller investigation but also has a long list of failures and corrupt dealings littering his history. You may remember him from some of his greatest hits, including having his Enron case overturned 9-0 by the Supreme Court. Prosecutorial misconduct became a regular part of his playbook. But when you are part of the bureaucracy, you’ve got nowhere to fail but up and that applies after leaving public service as well.


So of course it’s no surprise to learn that Weissmann is now an analyst on MSNBC and he’s here to give us his hot takes on impeachment.

Excerpts via The Daily Caller.

“I would have spent less time about what it meant for Ukraine and sort of American policy and a little bit more on the fact that what the president … was doing was cheating on our election,” Weissmann told MSNBC’s Ari Melber.

Melber ended his interview with Weissmann with a touching send-off.

“In all candor and sincerity, as an attorney, I can say a lot of attorneys view you as a legend,” the host said.

Such brilliance. I can’t imagine how this “legend” managed to so flub the Mueller investigation and come up empty despite spending years leaking material to try to damage the President.

Conservatives have been highly critical of Weissmann and with very good reason. This supposedly unbiased prosecutor is an unabashed Democrat, palling around with Hillary Clinton and even attending her would be victory party. The moment Mueller hired him, given his partisan and professional background, it was a huge red flag that nothing we were going to see was being done above board.


Sure enough, Mueller’s testimony eventually revealed that he was disconnected and barely present for the investigation. Weissmann was obviously doing the heavy lifting, and what did we get? Almost two years of selective leaks and innuendo even though the investigation had established there was no collusion early on. Even the release of the report itself became highly politicized as Weissmann and his loyalists tried to sabotage AG Bill Barr via more leaks and misleading statements.

Now, less than a six months later, he’s on TV still pushing to take down the President. It was simply a natural progression for him to end up on MSNBC, the most liberal cable news network in the country. He’ll fit right in with corruptocrats like John Brennan and conspiratorial clowns like Malcolm Nance.

I wish I could say Weissmann was an isolated case, but he’s not. These are the people running our “investigations” and our bureaucracies.


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