Amnesty International Beclowns Itself Over Israel and Illustrates the Broader Anti-Semitism Problem

Anti-Semitism continues to escalate and if you are only looking in the United States, you are missing a lot of the bigger picture.

Yesterday, Amnesty International completely beclowned itself in series of Twitter posts in which they blamed Israel for supposedly killing members of the Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights.

The problem? This was yet another example of an Islamic Jihad rocket aimed at Israel falling short of its target and killing Palestinians.

You may remember Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib attempting to blame Israel for killing a pregnant woman some months back. In that case, as well, it turned out that the Islamic Jihad simply sucks at engineering rockets.

This paints a much broader anti-Semitism problem, in which Israel and the Jews are constantly blamed for the crimes committed against them. It doesn’t matter to Amnesty International, a supposedly unbiased human rights group, that Palestinians continue to indiscriminately target Israelis. They are still going to “both sides” the issue and immediately jump to conclusions when any civilians are killed in the disputed territories.

In the United States, anti-Semitism is often brushed aside as purely a “white nationalist” problem because it allows the left to make it a “right-wing” problem. This is purely for political purposes. No doubt white supremacist anti-Semitism exists, but it’s far from the only strain of anti-Semitism plaguing society. Look at New York City for example. They’ve seen a massive spike in anti-Semitic crimes in the past two years. None of them have been connected to white supremacy because it’s all coming from minority groups towards Jews. The blackout on that issue shows how little care the media in this country actually have for hate crimes. If they don’t fit the “blame the right” mold, they just don’t report on it.

We can also look at the EU, which fancies itself progressive and inclusive. Not only have hate crimes against Jews skyrocketed, largely on the backs of Muslim immigration, they’ve recently ruled that Jewish products made in Israel must now be marked as such. This harkens back to the days of Nazis forcing Jewish shops to mark their windows with the Star of David and “Jude.”

None of this is getting better. If I were a Jew in Europe, I’d seriously be looking for an exit strategy. Things are getting that bad and because Muslims and the “Palestinian cause” are so high on the intersectional hierarchy, Jews are routinely maligned even as they are the victims of discrimination.

Meanwhile, groups like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch bandy themselves as non-partisan arbiters while continuously repeating Hamas propaganda. No other country in the world is expected to put up with what Israel puts up with. I honestly could not say I’d have the same restraint Israel has if I were in charge for a day. Allowing the Palestinians to control the holiest site in Judaism, putting up with constant terror attacks on civilians, and still being trashed as breaking international law no matter what they do seems like an unsustainable path. No one could blame them if they eventually reach a breaking point.

With the ascension of far-left ideals throughout much of the Western world, societies are heading down a very dark path regarding anti-Semitism. That, more than anything, continues to testify to the need for Israel to exist, no matter how much some groups decry it.


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