Donald Trump Is Being Sued for Defamation by a Very Questionable Figure

President Donald Trump delivers remarks to the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly, Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019, in New York. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

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E. Jean Carroll made a brief appearance back in the news yesterday, although she was quickly buried by the fact that some Nationals players praised Donald Trump at the White House.


You may remember Carroll from such greatest hits as rape is “sexy” and that women are being raped around the clock at the border. She also accused something like half a dozen powerful men of raping her in a book she was pushing at the time. One of those was, of course, Donald Trump, although she seemed more concerned with getting his tax returns than anything that was actually done to her.

If you want a full compilation of all her questionable comments, here’s a fairly complete gathering of them.

Now, she’s suing Donald Trump for defamation because he said she was lying about the whole ordeal, which was never corroborated in any way and very little sense in the first place.

When I wrote my original piece on this woman, I went out of my way not to pass judgment because I feel like an accuser is owed that for at least some period of time. I gave her a chance to actually not be nuts and provide some semblance of sanity in the tale she was telling. That didn’t happen though.

I’m not a lawyer and I’m not going to dig into the specific statutes to try to show you things I might not even understand. I will say that the publicly established standard for defamation appears to be extremely high when dealing with public figures. And before Trump commented on this, E. Jean Carroll likely made herself somewhat of a public figure by doing media rounds and hawking a book release. Trump also never called her a “liar” specifically, but simply said that what she was saying wasn’t true.


Claiming that this was defamation seems like a pretty big hurdle, especially if she can’t prove he’s wrong in the first place.

Further, Trump has already had a defamation case from “Stormy Daniels” thrown out against him because the judge rightly ruled that Trump was speaking politically to defend himself. That seems to apply here, so how far does this Carroll lawsuit even go? We’ll find out I guess.

In the meantime, even the mainstream media seem to not want to push this story, which probably is a hint as to how little credibility Carroll has.


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