CNN's Brian Stelter Does Incredible Investigative Work on Just How Bad the Orange Man Is

At some point, you have to wonder whether Brian Stelter is coming up with this stuff on his own or if it’s really Jeff Zucker whispering in his ear while woofing down Cheetos?


Either way, we’ve reached a level of ridiculousness that probably should be checked on by the middle management at CNN. Stelter’s ironically named “Reliable Sources” went out yesterday and decided to just jump every shark that was left to jump in the pursuit of orange man bad coverage. It’s gotten to the point of appearing to be parody.

Think I’m overstating it? Check these out.

Those could be SNL skits and you wouldn’t know the difference.

Keep in mind, this is all happening just days after Elizabeth Warren lied to everyone by saying her Medicare for All plan wouldn’t raise taxes on the middle class. You’d think someone hosting a show about reliable sources would see fit to spend some time on the presumed Democrat front-runner (I’m skeptical) so badly misleading Americans. But nah, we’ve got Trump misspelling words on Twitter to deal with. These are the greatest issues of our time.


There was also this delicious bit of self-own in Stelter’s rant.

What the heck is a “misspelling error?” If you are going to rag on someone’s tendency to misspell words on a platform everyone misspells words on (because there’s no edit button), at least don’t make up nonsensical phrases along the way.

Stelter didn’t stop there, though. He also felt the need to white knight for (checks notes)…ISIS terror leader Al-Baghdadi. Because why not?

Defending a mass-murdering rapist to own the orange man. Way to go, CNN. Real intrepid journalism, Pulitzer worthy even.

I don’t know whether Al-Baghdadi actually cried or not, but I do know that I’m perfectly fine with the President painting the guy as the sniveling coward he was. There’s also the fact that Trump talked to commanders on the ground. Though it hasn’t been confirmed, it’s perfectly reasonable to assume he was told some of the details he shared. Either way, there’s certainly no reason to run a freaking CNN segment defending the honor of the ISIS caliph.


Trump has broken these people.


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