Elizabeth Warren Gets Flustered, Makes Bonkers Claim About Her Medicare for All Plan

FILE - In this May 18, 2019, file photo, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., speaks at a house party campaign stop in Rochester, N.H. Rising disagreement among congressional Democrats over whether to pursue impeachment of President Donald Trump has had little effect on the party’s presidential candidates, who mostly are avoiding calls to start such an inquiry. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty, File)

Elizabeth Warren

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., speaks about her two-cent tax plan during a campaign event, Monday, Sept. 2, 2019, in Hampton Falls, N.H. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)


Elizabeth Warren is a paper tiger. I’m not saying she can’t win, but I am saying that she’s incredibly overrated. This is a woman who’s been left mostly unscathed so far in the current election cycle. The media fawn over her constantly, most of her opponents are scared to take shots at her, and Trump has largely laid off since the Pocahontas ordeal, no doubt holding his fire for the general election.

Since Warren released her “Medicare for All” plan last week, she’s finally started to take some incoming though, and she’s not responding well at all.

Take this bonkers claim.

It’s not so easy when the press aren’t lobbing softballs I guess. If this is how well she handles herself when hit with an unexpected question, the gaffes are going to keep adding up.

And make no mistake, this is a major gaffe. Her plan costs $52 trillion over ten years (and that’s just the projection she gives). All of the combined total wealth of every billionaire in the United States only adds up to $3 trillion. The idea that she’s going to raise taxes just on that group and somehow pay for what she wants is laughably impossible. All the wealth of every billionaire in the entire world would barely pay for two years of her plan.


The simple answer is that she will have to raise taxes on the middle class. She’s couching it as a payroll tax on businesses, but employees are ultimately the ones who pay payroll taxes. There’s also her tax hike on capital gains, which would nail middle class retirements. Oh yeah, and she wants to repeal the Trump tax cuts, again hitting the vast majority of the middle class.

Warren is just flat out lying about all this. If only we had “journalists” that claim to be “fact-checkers” that could look into this and render a verdict?

I’m tempted to say this is the beginning of the end for Warren, though that’s admittedly probably a bit too dramatic. She’ll be there until the end, but while she does lead in Iowa, Bernie Sanders leads her in New Hampshire and Nevada. Joe Biden cleans up in the south and he and Sanders lead Warren nationally. The Massachusetts Senator has been built up to mythical levels as the presumptive front-runner, but reality isn’t playing along.

The truth is, Warren is a terrible candidate. She’s incredibly shrill and whiny in her speaking style (and no, that’s not a woman thing, it’s a Warren thing). There’s nothing relatable or authentic about her, and worse for her are her policy positions. This far-left socialist shtick will play in the Democrat primary but not so much in the general. If you could pick any candidate for Trump to run against out of the top four candidates (Biden, Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg), Warren is his best match-up hands down. That doesn’t mean she’s not still a challenge, but she has the most flaws for him to pick apart.


I fully expect the gloves to come off as we get closer to the Iowa caucus. Sanders and Biden aren’t going to just sit around and let her lap them.


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