Washington Post Writer Max Boot Defends Al-Baghdadi's Honor Because Orange Man Bad

Max Boot strikes again. The expert at all expertises, who helped promulgate some of the worst foreign policy decisions in recent history, has stuff to say about the Al-Baghdadi raid and you’ll be shocked to find out that it revolves around the orange man being bad.


This qualifies for the “you can’t make this up” award this week and it’s only Tuesday.

Here’s the original article, which has now been stealth-edited so Boot can claim he didn’t mean what he said. It’s your typical Max Boot screed, where he strains and twists himself into knots to somehow make a good thing into a way to attack Trump.

In the original writing, he says that Baghdadi’s action of blowing himself up “contradicts” the Trump claim that he died a coward. How petty and ridiculous does one have to be to go to bat for the world’s (formerly) worst terrorist?

The President has broken a lot of people and Boot is near the top of the list.


If you felt he was a sick and depraved man, why feel the need to pretend anything he did “contradicted” Trump’s claims he was a coward? Also, notice the dodging Boot is doing there in his excuse-making. Does he feel Baghdadi was sick and depraved but not a coward? I suppose it’s possible for those things to be mutually exclusive, but if he’s going to fret about people using his words against him, perhaps he should clarify that point. Does he think Baghdadi was a coward? That should be simple enough to answer.

The Post and its editorial board need to think about taking a step back. This kind of consistent hatred isn’t healthy. I opposed Barack Obama. I didn’t defend Bin Laden’s honor in order to show that opposition because I’m not a crazy person.

It would have been acceptable to just lay off a day or two here. This wasn’t going to propel Trump to re-election anyway as other things will decide that. But the media just couldn’t help themselves and they felt the need to rush out and try to trash what was accomplished. These people aren’t our moral and intellectual betters. They are children.


I’ll wrap it up with this video of James Hassan lighting up Boot on Tucker’s show last night.


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