CNBC Hack John Harwood Is Really, Really Upset That Al-Baghdadi Was Killed

The tweets you are about to see are an absolute clown show. You’d think a guy who styles himself as an unbiased journalist would try to avoid being so obvious about it, but nah, it’s John Harwood.


You may remember him from the 2016 primaries, where the RNC thought it’d be a great idea to give Harwood a moderator spot in a debate. He made an absolute fool of himself with his bias. That decision by the establishment of the party pretty much encapsulated Trump’s eventual win.

After ISIS terrorist leader Al-Baghdadi was killed last night and the official word was given this morning, Harwood decided it’d be a great idea to get on Twitter and make a fool of himself.

Of course he didn’t give Pelosi advance warning. House Democrats are political actors who’ve shown a propensity to leak like a sieve. Would anyone put it past Adam Schiff to leak the raid and blow it up? I wouldn’t. Further, did Obama give Republicans a briefing prior to the Bin Laden raid? Nope, and not a single media member or Democrat found that problematic.


That’s because without Russia, this raid doesn’t happen. They control the airspace in Northern Syria. Apparently, there was cooperation between multiple nations here, including some that make not necessarily be “good guys.” You don’t always get to pick your allies. We got the mission done and that’s what matters.

Harwood kept going though, trying to downplay the significance of Al-Baghdadi’s death.

Actually, most Americans do know who he is, at least in relation to ISIS having a specific leader that’s been on the run for years. He’s made news many, many times. Harwood’s second comment is just asinine. Al Qaeda was essentially obliterated and called defeated by the time we finally got Bin Laden. It’s still important to get these guys.


Then there was this.

Yes, the leader of ISIS, a group we’ve been fighting for 7 years, is like an ant compared to Bin Laden. Makes sense. In reality, both were extremely important kills to get. ISIS has been at the forefront of the American psyche for a long time. Baghdadi being blown up is a win for everyone and Americans know it.

Instead of just being able to admit this was a good thing, hacks like Harwood can’t turn it off. This guy should never be taken seriously by any Republicans ever again. If he sniffs moderating another debate, the RNC should be dissolved.


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