If Conservatives Can't Speak Out Against a 7 Year Old Being "Transitioned," Then What the Heck Is the Point?

Even though we’ve been swamped with impeachment lately, there are still real problems going on in the world.

One such example is that of James Younger, a now seven year old boy who’s mother is seeking to transition him into a “girl.” In an inexplicable decision, a Texas Court ruled against James’ father, giving sole custody to the mother despite evidence of abuse and manipulation on her part. For example, throughout this years long ordeal, the boy has shown himself to be fairly normal when with the father, only seemingly giving into “transgenderism” via his mother’s pressures starting at a ridiculously young age.


As my colleague Brandon Morse shared this morning, there’s now video of James at the age of three in which he explains how his mother pushed him to act like a girl, put him dresses, painted his nails, made him pretend to have long hair, and committed other manipulative acts to entertain whatever sick fantasy she’s trying to live out.

If there’s one issue you’d think conservatives across the media spectrum could rally around, you’d think it’s this. Yet, we still have a sizable number of commentators, writers, and journalists on our side avoiding the story.


And while I’m not trying to purposely single anyone out (plenty of others are just avoiding the story altogether), I need an example and this fits.


Look, I get wanting to be cautious, but by what possible justification could it somehow actually be ok to “transition” a 7 year old, of which video exists showing him admit his mother pressuring him from a very young age? I’d posit that there’s no extenuating circumstances that make that ok, even if you want to argue the minutia of actually granting custody.

Is it possible the father, in the midst of a bitter legal battle, has been shown to have his own issues leading to the jury’s decision? Sure, but that shouldn’t stop conservatives from focusing on the cardinal issue here.

This is why we lose so many cultural battles. Being unwilling to speak out because it might mean having to defend an unpopular position (and the political correctness around transgenderism makes it a tough issue to tackle) is the wrong path to go down. If we can’t stand up against this kind of stuff, then what the heck is event the point of having an alternative media? This is worth putting your platform, whether it’s the Washington Free Beacon or RedState, on the line.


I don’t care if 11 jurors or 100 jurors ruled against the father, there’s no excuse for allowing a 7 year old boy to be forcibly transitioned by his mother into a “girl.” None at all. This mother is using her child like he’s some kind of Nazi science experiment, including using him in the self-promotion of her “medical practice.”

If you are a conservative commentator, writer, or journalist and you are avoiding this story, then I have no idea what you are doing. The entire point of having conservative media is that it’s supposed to be different than the legacy media. It’s really not that hard to say “I don’t know all the facts about the custody battle here and won’t comment on that, but what I do know is that there’s no reason to allow a 7 year old to be transitioned.”

Yeah, it might mean you don’t get that next Jake Tapper retweet or backslap from Vox’s “reporter on the right,” but this is worth the battle. Everyone on the right needs to be speaking out because this stuff is rabidly being normalized and it’s the only way this gets resolved in a less than tragic manner.



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