Someone Found Mitt Romney's Secret Twitter Account and He's Basically Your Crazy #Resistance Uncle

Mitt Romney strikes again and it’s really good this time.

After reports that he was working behind the scenes to gin up support for impeachment, he denied it publicly and all of the establishment conservative media insisted we must trust him. I mean, does that sound like something Mitt Romney would do? Then there was his nonsensical rant on Syria last week, where he ignored essentially all the facts on the ground to demand we do something. I say something because he wasn’t brave enough to actually say what he wants done. One is left to assume he’s somewhere between having a war with Turkey and placing a permanent contingent of troops stranded in Northern Syria.


Now, something both hilarious and sad broke last night. Namely, that Romney’s secret Twitter account has been discovered and he’s basically your crazy #resistance uncle.

And here’s Romney confirming that it is his account.

Here are some examples of things Romney likes.

Liking the conspiratorial rantings of George Conway and Evan McMullin is about as on-brand for the Utah Senator as is humanly possible. You just knew this dude was a McMuffin fan and while Romney was playing measured statesman in public, he was cheer-leading Ana Navaro and David Axelrod slams on Trump.

But I’ll do you one better.


That’s him liking tweets by not only Chris Murphy, but Adam Schiff. Yes, the same Adam Schiff who was a raving conspiracy theorist throughout the Mueller investigation and is now running an “impeachment inquiry” like he’s a petty dictator, cutting out Romney’s own party from the proceedings. Apparently, those are things Romney approves of.

There’s also one like mixed in there that should bother Republicans on a more serious level, namely that he’s high-fiving Molly Jong-Fast, a rabid pro-abortionist who went to CPAC and mocked pro-lifers for The Bulwark. Nice work Senator.

I’ll say it again. Romney is a political coward. He’s always right there to tweet at Donald Trump and express his grave moral outrage at other Republicans because there’s no risk. But he never says a word about any Democrat that steps out of line. Heck, he’s too busy liking their rantings with his burner account.

What this should show everyone is that this is just a game to Romney. There’s no principle behind anything this flip-flopping, Roe supporting “conservative” does. He vomits about character all the time and then goes around back-slapping some of the worst people on the left without any sense of irony. Anyone that tries to push this guy in 2024 as a viable candidate needs to be summarily cast out of the party.


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