Adam Schiff Bans a Republican From the "Impeachment Hearings" As the Secrecy Continues

I guess we are going to impeach Trump based on non-public information. That seems to be the direction this continues to move in.

No doubt, Rep. Adam Schiff is planning to formulate his own “report” and release it eventually, but along the way, he doesn’t want any daylight to shine on what’s he’s doing. He took an even more direct step in covering up everything by banning Rep. Matt Gaetz from an “impeachment hearing” today.


Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., just banned a key Republican lawmaker from the deposition of a former anti-Trump national security official believed to be at the center of ongoing Ukraine proceedings, sources tell The Federalist. Schiff tossed Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., out of the deposition.

Although the U.S. House of Representatives has not approved a resolution authorizing a formal impeachment investigation, House Democrats have nonetheless insisted that they have full authority to subpoena all documents and testimony they desire, even if specific committees lack the jurisdiction to demand particular information. Schiff, whom Pelosi tapped to lead her party’s anti-Trump impeachment efforts, chairs the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), which only has jurisdiction over the federal government’s intelligence agencies and related components.

This all connects back to the Democrat strategy of not actually voting on impeachment. In reality, there is not an “impeachment inquiry” and there are no hearings. These are simply partisan-led and enforced committee interviews taking place, nothing more. The media have hyped it up to be something it isn’t.

Because there’s been no vote, Republicans continue to have no authority to participate and that’s showing here with Schiff’s latest move to ban Gaetz. Schiff shouldn’t even be part of this, as he’s not on the House Judiciary Committee. Instead, he’s being allowed to run point while Gaetz, who is on that committee, is being denied even basic access to what’s going on. In other words, this is a complete sham. If Republicans had acted this way during the Benghazi hearings, it would have been front-page news and led to a continual gnashing of teeth from the legacy media. Because it’s Schiff and the Democrats, they act like this is all fine. Republicans are suckers though, so they bent over backward to allow access to equal time to the other party.


The person testifying today is Fiona Hill, who appears to be one of the “whistle-blower’s” sources. What she could possibly add to the situation when we already have the transcript is beyond me, but the game here is clearly not to get facts. It’s to simply push a narrative. Schiff will continue to trot out witness after witness, drawing this out into next year if he can. In the end, we already have the most important piece of information and it’s being largely ignored now.

What appears to be happening is that President Trump blew up their game plan by releasing the transcript, to begin with. They wanted to slow-roll this, much like the Kavanaugh hearing, with selective leaks and a laundry list of people playing into their story. Now, with the call already out there, we are doing some weird theater where we pretend 2nd and 3rd hand accounts are somehow relevant. They aren’t. What’s relevant is what’s in the call.

Of course, Schiff will get away with it because there’s no one to actually call out what he’s doing. Anyone think CNN is going to criticize what’s going on? Didn’t think so.


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