Politifact Gets Wrecked After Attempting to "Fact-Check" Claims About an Obama Quote

Fact-checkers gonna fact-check and Politifact is no different. The industry of pretending to be unbiased while operating as total hacks is apparently good for the bottom line.


The most recent example comes courtesy of a claim about DACA and Barack Obama, namely whether he ever admitted he didn’t have the authority to enact such an order. This all came in a snarky reply to, who else, Donald Trump. The President had tweeted out this.

Anyone that’s been around for more than five minutes knows that’s objectively true. Barack Obama said multiple times, publicly, that he did not have the authority to enact DACA and that Congress had to be the ones to act.

Despite these obvious facts, Politifact rode in to try to rescue the former president from criticism of his own words.


So much fact checking.

Ironically, it was a reporter from The Washington Post that stepped in to set them straight.


I now can’t find that post from Seung Min Kim on her timeline, so perhaps she deleted it? Either way, she was right the first time. Obama absolutely said that it’s “just not the case” that he can suspend deportations and he did with DACA.

And just to cap all this off, Politifact’s own site had found the claim that Obama did say that “mostly true” previously.


These fact-checking sites are just absolute dumpster fires.


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