Meet the MSNBC Contributor and Collusion Truther that Adam Schiff Hired to Question Kurt Volker

Everything that’s old is new again. It doesn’t matter how wrong these people where about the Mueller investigation, they just keep on keeping on and Adam Schiff is going to make sure of it.


Kurt Volker managed to frustrate Schiff during his testimony earlier this week, sending him scrambling to take over questioning from the lawyer he’d hired. He was supposed to give the Democrats the impeachment fodder they need and it just wasn’t happening.

Now we are finding out just who the counsel was that Schiff shoved aside in desperation.

This per The Federalist.

A former MSNBC contributor was tapped by Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., to question Ukraine envoy Kurt Volker during a congressional hearing on Thursday, officials with direct knowledge of the proceedings told The Federalist. Daniel Goldman, a former legal analyst for MSNBC, posed multiple questions to Volker during Thursday’s closed-door interview of Volker…

…At one point Goldman became so flustered during his questioning of Volker that Schiff unexpectedly shut Goldman down and began questioning Volker himself, one official said.

The lack of seriousness by Schiff is obvious. He’s not out to conduct a real investigation. He’s out to push a narrative, and if that means bringing on a former MSNBC talking head to spin conspiracy theories, then that’s what he’s going to do. And to be certain, Goldman is a conspiracy theorist.


Last December, Goldman endorsed discredited conspiracy theories from Christopher Steele, a former British spy who was funded by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee to work with foreign governments to spread dirt about Trump in order to influence voters in the 2016 presidential elections. In December, Goldman claimed that a debunked allegation that former Trump attorney Michael Cohen had traveled to Prague in August of 2016 to secretly plot with Kremlin officials had been corroborated. He also claimed, long after the Steele dossier had been debunked, that “nothing had been undermined” in the dossier.

Goldman is apparently the Ken Dilanian of Natasha Bertrands. The talking point from December about the dossier not being discredited was bandied about by several well known Fusion GPS lackeys, including the Lawfare Blog. It’s unlikely Goldman’s repeating of that claim was by accident.

And if you guessed he pushed conspiritorial nonsense against Brett Kavanaugh as well, collect your winnings at the window.

As an MSNBC contributor, Goldman also falsely claimed during the nomination and confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh that Christine Blasey Ford’s rape accusations against Kavanaugh had been corroborated.

The Blasey Ford accusation was a lot of things. Corroborated was not one of them. It should also surprise no one that this guy worked for Preet Bharara, the fired U.S. attorney that Democrats and Never Trumpers rallied around after Trump did the completely normal thing of cleaning house upon taking office (you’ll recall Clinton and Bush did the same thing). Bharara has gone on to become a vocal opponent of the President.


Schiff is simply getting the band back together here. All of the same people who have been wrong about nearly everything during the Trump era are now going to be at the forefront of this latest nonsense. You can expect it to end the same way for them.


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