News Breaks That the Whistle-Blower Worked for a Current 2020 Democrat Presidential Candidate

Adam Schiff by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

I get to gloat a little on this one.

Earlier today, I wrote on the news that the Trump-Ukraine “whistle-blower” was a registered Democrat. On its own, that’s somewhat telling news, but perhaps not overwhelmingly meaningful without more information. In my article, I opined why I thought CNN chose to report the story in the first place given their editorial leans.


Now, you might ask yourself why CNN would report this. The answer is simple. It’s called getting ahead of a story to help frame it. We’ve seen this over and over when damaging information that could possibly help Donald Trump is on the verge of being exposed. Instead of letting it drop, legacy news agencies run and get anonymous quotes to try to get the information out there while presenting it in the best possible light…

The goal here is to get the political affiliation of the whistle-blower out there early so that when more evidence of bias drops, Democrats can claim it’s old news and not relevant to the complaint.

Games are being played here. Don’t be fooled.

Like clockwork, we’ve now got more information on the bias of the whistle-blower and I was exactly right. Not only was a he registered Democrat, the guy worked on the campaign of a current 2020 candidate.

Given that this likely occurred some years ago before this person became a CIA agent, the most likely answer is that it was on one of Joe Biden’s campaigns or possibly under Biden during the Obama campaign. We had already heard rumors that the ICIG found bias toward Biden and this latest revelation drops everything into to place.


In short, we have a registered Democrat that worked for a Democrat presidential candidate, who went to Adam Schiff first, and we are supposed to believe this is all on the up and up? Yeah, I’m gonna go with a no on that one. The complaint itself has continues to fall apart, and even though he got some details of the call correct, none of his most salacious allegations have been shown to be true. If that sounds a lot like the Steele dossier, congrats on being more perceptive than all of the legacy media.


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