Soledad O'Brien Calls a Noted War Hero a Coward Because Of Course She Does

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis listens to a question about Russia from the media at the Pentagon, Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017, in Washington. Senior American and Russian military leaders met for an unprecedented, face-to-face session somewhere in the Middle East this week to discuss the growing tensions in the competing battles to retake one of the remaining Islamic State strongholds in Syria. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


There are few “journalists” who have become more partisan and insufferable in the Trump era than Soledad O’Brien.

You may remember her from various programs on NBC and MSNBC. After 2013, her career started to fall off and she now hosts some show I’ve never heard of. I’m sure it’s super important though. One of O’Brien’s shticks now is to go on Twitter and make snarky, outrageous comments toward anyone she sees as an enemy of the left.

Enter James Mattis, who was cancelled earlier this month because he refused to break his personal rule of verbally bashing presidents still in power. Instead of trashing Trump, his memoir spent a sizable amount of times pointing out what a dumpster fire Barack Obama’s foreign policy was, complete with his experience-free pajama boys running around bossing generals around.

Naturally, that made the media and left really mad.

Apparently, some still aren’t over it though, including The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin (who a rabidly delusional leftist labeled as a “conservative).

Yes, I’m sure the guy who’s been in multiple wars and has served his country for decades with valor is a coward. Good take there. If only he were a journalist mouthing off on Twitter, then he could really claim true bravery.


Honestly, this kind of disrespect is just disgusting. You don’t have to like Mattis, but you should dang sure respect what he’s done. He doesn’t criticize sitting presidents because he places the country above his personal gain (i.e. cashing in on a tell all book). That’s not cowardice. It’s courage in the face of a media complex that constantly demands blood.

O’Brien is nothing but a clown.


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