Senate Democrat Who Claimed Evidence of Trump-Ukraine Quid Pro Quo Changes His Story

It’s almost like all these Democrats who constantly proclaim they’ve got evidence that will bring Trump down are just full of it?

As we move through the ridiculousness that is the current Trump-Ukraine “scandal,” one figure that attempted to place himself as offering corroboration of wrongdoing was Sen. Chris Murphy. He claimed that Ukrainian president Zelensky personally told him Trump pressured him to investigate Biden.


This per the Free Beacon.

Senator Chris Murphy (D., Conn.), who traveled to Ukraine in early September, told reporters this week that he had heard “directly” from Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky that Zelensky felt pressured by Trump to investigate Hunter Biden’s involvement with Ukrainian gas giant Burisma…

…The senator said Monday that the “entire new Ukrainian administration” including Zelensky told him they believed the United States withheld aid due to his “unwillingness to investigate the Bidens.”

“Once I got on the ground there, I heard about how confused the entire new Ukrainian administration was about the nature of these demands they were getting from the Trump administration to conduct this political investigation, and that they worry that the aid that was being cut off to Ukraine by the president was a consequence for their unwillingness, at the time, to investigate the Bidens,” Murphy said, adding that the concern was relayed to him “from the president directly.”

This was bandied about early this week as proof that Trump had broken the law and applied immense pressure on the Ukrainian president to investigate Joe Biden. Eventually, we’d get the transcript and learn that it was a completely mundane conversation with no pressure or threats applied. Actually, it was surprising just how nonchalant Trump was about Biden. He didn’t press the issue at all and Ukraine wasn’t even aware of any holdup with the military aid.


It’s also worth nothing that Murphy’s claims of what Zelensky told him were back-filled, as in they only appeared later. He originally made no mention of any such conversation with Zelensky about aid and Biden. Instead, he only took to the press to make his claims after the whistle-blower story broke. It was way, way too convenient. Then the Beacon got a hold of the Sept. 11th audio, where Murphy is shown to have not mentioned any of this.

Now, apparently realizing he’s been caught in a lie, Murphy is running to change his story.

Oops. That’s pretty for removed from “they thought aid was being withheld because of Biden” isn’t it? Far removed might be an understatement. It’s not even close to the same thing.

And just like that, another plank in all this nonsense collapses. Will any media outlet call out Murphy for lying? Of course they won’t, but I’m not sure it matters anymore. There are plenty of alternative forms of media that are doing great work on this story and the news is getting out there. CNN and The New York Times can keep playing patty cake.


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