Fusion GPS Mouthpiece Accidentally Bolsters Trump's Claim of No Cover-Up

President Donald Trump gestures towards members on the media on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019, after returning from United Nations General Assembly. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)


Sometimes evidence that pushes back on the liberal narrative comes from the oddest places.

In this case, we’ve been dealing with accusations all day that Trump tried to “cover-up” the Ukraine call by putting it on a top secret server. To be clear, regardless of motive, there’s nothing illegal about that. The President has absolute power to classify materials and handle White House communications. Regardless, this was supposedly a big scandal, although even the complainant seemed unsure of what he was actually alleging.

Of course, the more logical conclusion is that Trump put that call, along with many other calls, on the secure government server in order to stop the myriad of leaks that had been happening. Lo and behold, that’s exactly what the newest information points to.

That’s Natasha Bertrand, who made a name for herself throughout the Russia-gate fiasco by being a faithful conduit for Fusion GPS propaganda. She points out that the administration started storing calls on the more secure server after a myriad of leaks, including one involving the Australians. Makes sense, right? Of course, Bertrand isn’t meaning to help make Trump’s case here that the administration was simply trying to avoid leaks. Her piece centers on the ludicrous notion that making information more secure is somehow a “national security risk.”


Up is down, left is right. Less leaks means less secure or something. It not making sense is the point with media hacks like this.

Severely limiting the personnel able to view it would be the entire point. As noted in her original tweet, back in 2017, multiple private phone calls of Trump’s were leaked to the media in order to try to embarrass him. The natural reaction would be to limit access to stop the leaks by the intel community. Magically, the leaks did seem to stop and we haven’t seen another one involving a call until, you guessed it, this latest “whistle-blower” complaint which forced the release of the Ukraine call transcript. It’s almost like the intel community are partisan hacks and can’t be trusted?

Bertrand wasn’t done though. She then made this ridiculous claim.

As Redstate’s streiff points out, that’s not how any of this works. Barack Obama does not get to sign an EO stripping future President’s of their plenary power over classification. The order would only apply to subservient positions in the government.


So while Bertrand’s first tweet inadvertently bolster’s Trump’s case that the point of the storage situation was to avoid leaks, she can’t help but follow it up with a bunch of ludicrous nonsense. That’s the Fusion GPS way, who are no doubt feeding her these stories just as they did during the Mueller probe. The overarching point here is that Democrats currently have nothing. Even their biggest “bombshell” is easily explained away, not by back-filled claims, but by proven precedent. The system wasn’t set up for this Ukraine call in order to cover it up. It was setup long before to stop an avalanche of leaks. It did its job until the intel community decided to strike again in a different way.


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