Another Supposed Bombshell On Trump-Ukraine Goes Up In Flames

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I feel like I’m writing one of these every few hours because I suppose I am. There’s been so much misinformation reported in regards to the Trump-Ukraine saga that I can hardly keep up at this point. The original reports of a quid pro quo were wrong. The reports that Trump brought up Biden eight times were wrong. Reports the Intel Chief threatened to resign were false. Claims he demanded an investigation were also false. I could keep going.


To put it lightly, the media have gotten almost every detail of this story wrong along the way. I wrote about most of the above in a story yesterday and one of the things I noted was a new claim being bandied about.

Here’s the tweet I quoted and my response.

And look, I like Guy. He works for Townhall, one of our sister sites, and also does Fox News stuff. I’m not trying to pick on him. But at what point do you just wait before running with this stuff? What part of that story is even worth considering right now given how badly these same outlets failed us just a day earlier?

Sure enough, that accusation has now fallen completely apart. It’s almost like clockwork. Maybe I should go play the loto?

But maybe they just got his identity wrong? Perhaps he still had knowledge of what he claimed?


A big nope on that score as well. He has refuted the report.

In other words, this guy was simply repeating media reports that we already know are wrong because we now have the transcript. Nothing more. He was not an advisor to Zelensky and he did not have any knowledge of any precondition being arranged. He pointedly admits that.

Axios rushed to repeat the ABC “scoop” and got caught with their pants down as well. They issued a correction that no one saw.


Ask yourself why these news outlets don’t just take down the original false tweets and stories? The answer is because this is all being done on purpose. It’s about the narrative and as long as they get the fake story to enough people, they’ve accomplished their goal. Once again, there will be no consequences and the same people who fell for this, even after days of provably false reporting, will bit the hook again. It’s a cycle that never stops.


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