Adam Schiff Did One of the Most Insane, Disgusting Things Ever Done In a Congressional Hearing

There is no member of Congress more disgusting than Adam Schiff, and there are a lot of disgusting members of Congress.

He spent the last two years claiming to have super-secret proof of Trump colluding with Russia, being given a permeant spot the Sunday shows to constantly lie about what he actually knew. When it all came crashing down, he paid no price at all, still insisting the evidence was “in plain sight.”


Now, he’s found a new hobby horse. Namely, this Trump-Ukraine nonsense and that meant having a hearing today with the Intel Chief about the “whistle-blower” complaint.

How did Schiff open the hearing? By lying his butt off.

Schiff’s entire characterization and quoting of the transcript was patently false. It sought to apply context and motive where there was none. He simply made things up to push his narrative.

Rep. Elise Stefanik, herself no Trump fan, called out this insanity.

What an absolute garbage legislator this guy is. Democrats claim they want the facts and he goes out and just completely makes up a transcript, presenting it as fact on national TV. How many people watching that hadn’t actually read the transcript? How were they supposed to know he was lying?


I should probably thank him though. Schiff gave the game away before the first whistle. This isn’t about facts, fairness, real investigations, or the rule of law. It’s about distorting an innocuous phone call and trying to manufacture an impeachment out of it. Nothing more. It doesn’t matter that there’s nothing impeachable in the transcript, nor the complaint. Schiff and the Democrats have their minds made up and they’ll say whatever they need to push through. All the while, they do so knowing the media won’t fact-check them or call them out.

Try to imagine what CNN would say if Devin Nunes got up in an official committee hearing and did that crap. Would they chastise him? You can bet your life on it. Instead, the media have basically ignored it, only reporting on Republican reactions (i.e. Republicans pounce) to the bizarre rant.

Schiff’s underhanded tactics likely don’t end with that public spectacle though. It’s looking more and more like he is one of the architects of this entire sideshow.

This is all planned. It’s too well laid out to not be. Schiff was pushing Fusion GPS talking points about Ukraine and Trump weeks before the whistle-blower complaint was even lodged. That’s not a coincidence. It’s a continuation of a long pattern, going back to his Mueller investigation antics.


Schiff is now claiming his fake reading of the trancript was a “parody ” that actually proves how serious this is. Give all of us a break. This guy is a clown and deserves to be treated as such.

As a side note, if you want a good litmus test for which conservatives you should ignore, simply see how they react to Schiff. If any “conservative” loses their mind over Devin Nunes but continues to not criticize Schiff (i.e. David French), that’s not someone to trust.


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