Watch MSNBC Discuss Trump's Coming Execution

This seems sane.

As I wrote this past weekend, that Trump-Ukraine scandal exploded into a million pieces after about twelve hours of hysteria. In the end, there was no threat, no quid pro quo, and no real meat to the story. The issue for many in the media and on the left, though, is that they had invested everything into this. They truly felt this was finally it and that Trump would be taken down for using foreign aid money to force an investigation of Joe Biden. That didn’t happen and they were again left chasing the wind, suckers of fake news once more.


The problem with being so emotionally invested in all this is that it’s hard to let go. And instead of just admitting their mistake, we end up with lunacy like this from MSNBC:

If you watch the video, no one pushes back. No one brings levity to the conversation. No one suggests that because Trump didn’t actually do anything wrong, perhaps riffing on his coming execution is a bit much. Instead, they entertain the dialogue because these people have lost their minds.

Remember, these are your intellectual and moral betters. Never mind that these people clearly have no idea what the definition of treason is. Heck, I’m old enough to remember when the media lost their minds and did a million fact-checks when Trump misused the term. When it’s to target Trump though? All’s fair in the world of orange man bad.

You can not commit “treason” and be punished with death by asking an ally to investigate corruption. None of the elements needed are actually there. We aren’t at war with Ukraine. Trump didn’t subvert the U.S. government. Joe Biden isn’t even a part of the government.


All of this is incredibly stupid and makes no sense. It’s also incredibly hypocritical. These are the same people who lauded the Obama administration targeting Trump in 2016 with our intelligence apparatus and with the help of foreign governments. Now they stand aghast at Trump asking Ukraine to not let Biden off the hook for something he admitted on tape? Give me a break.


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