Good News, NBC News Has Created a Way For You to Confess Your Climate Sins

Climate activists demonstrate in Paris, Saturday, Dec.12, 2015 during the COP21, the United Nations Climate Change Conference. Several environmental and human rights groups are planning protests around Paris to call attention to populations threatened by man-made global warming and urge an end to human use of oil, gas and coal. (AP Photo/Thibault Camus)


Remember how many on the right have been saying for years that climate change hysteria is a cult? Yeah, it’s a cult.

NBC News, a supposed objective news organization, has decided to create an entire web portal where you can go post and itemize your climate sins as part of a mass confessional. I guess this is part of some faux religious awakening, where you internalize what you are writing and realize you truly need a life change.

When you go to the sight, you can write your own confession or view others. They come in categories like transportation, plastics, and meat because apparently those are all really bad things.

Here’s a sampling.

“I’ve been using plastic golf tees from time to time. I will never use plastic golf tees again – Plastics”

You can almost feel the pathetic through the monitor. I’m not sure why plastic golf tees are bad, but this person seems to think he’s committed one of the seven deadly sins by using them. Actually, I’m not even sure what plastics have to do with global warming. Because of the use of petroleum in them? But given they don’t emit the carbon they contain, it’s a nearly irrelevant factor even if you are a hysteric about carbon emissions.


Here’s another one.

“I am a homebuilder and homes today are such energy hogs. I tour new home developments and see how developers look at profits first – Energy”

Let me translate that for you. Some twenty something Bernie supporter who’s never had a real job is making stuff up again. Homes are far, far more energy efficient today than those build decades ago. Everything from insulation, to windows, to HVAC units all work in far more energy efficient ways than your grandmother’s house built in the 1960s. A modern home’s electric bill is often less than half that of an older home of the same square footage.

But none of this is really about the climate. I mean, for some it is because they’ve been brainwashed, but for those at the top pushing the hysteria, it’s about control. We saw “climate strikes” last weekend and you saw just as much propaganda pushing for socialist takeovers of every aspect of human life as you did relating to global warming. Their efforts are only intensifying and they’ve got the help of a compliant liberal media.


Unfortunately, as is typical, you are seeing more and more on the right cave under the pressure. It’s just a matter of time before this quaz-religious ideology overtakes public policy because the left are just better at this than we are.


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