Bronx Residents Assault Police Officers For Helping Put Out a Fire

Here’s another example of why the outrageous, generalized rhetoric against police officers we hear from the left is dangerous.

A fire broke out in a Bronx building last last week, drawing a crowd as firefighters battled the blaze. The police showed up to provide crowd control and multiple assaults took place against the officers.


The local New York media covered in ridiculous fashion, making it seem as if the officers were out for a brawl and were part of the cause. Take this story entitled Fight Breaks Out Between Cops and Residents As Firefighters Battle Bronx Blaze.

You can find the video of the incident at the link above.

Firefighters battling flames inside a Bronx building weren’t the only ones getting hot Tuesday afternoon, as tempers flared between police officers and residents right outside the burning building.

More than 100 firefighters were called to battle the flames shooting out of a sixth floor apartment kitchen near East 171st Street in Grand Concourse. The fire broke out around 4:30 p.m., and neighbors used the fire escape to climb from the smoke-filled units to safety.

Meanwhile, a fiery confrontation was going on outside the building, as tensions rose between heated tenants and police officers called to the scene to help clear the crowds, in order for the firefighters to quickly get in and out of the building.

The fight started as crowds refused to make way as cops demanded they move. Police say a 39-year-old woman ripped an officer’s body camera off and threw it to the ground, while another person threw a carton of milk at the cops before running off.

For the life of me, I don’t get what the point of this is. The officers are there trying to make room for firefighters to save the building these people live in, and they repay that by getting violent. Further, five firefighters were injured trying to serve these people.


Something has to change with how police are treated in this country. The vast majority are underpaid public servants just trying to do a tough job. You will always be able to find bad apples in any profession. That’s not a reason to spread overwrought, false propaganda against cops that leads to this kind of nonsense happening. You probably won’t see Bill de Blasio or anyone from New York City’s government push back on this because they are essentially complicit at this point, never missing a chance to undermine police.

The behavior exhibited by these Bronx residents would have caused a lot of people to throw their hands up and leave them to fight the fire themselves. They are lucky that firefighters and law enforcement abide by a code of duty that requires them to help even those who don’t deserve it.


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