Pete Buttigieg Tells Bernie to Hold His Beer On Abortion

Pete Buttigieg by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Pete Buttigieg by DonkeyHotey, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Pete Buttigieg is lecturing Christians again.

This time he’s battering scripture by claiming that God doesn’t consider a baby in the womb a life until it takes its first breath. This comes on the heels of Bernie Sanders saying he supports taxpayer funded foreign abortions to cull the population in order to fight climate change. Depravity knows no limits within the Democrat part. We are just a few weeks away from Kamala Harris questioning whether toddlers really have a right to life at this point.


Here’s Buttigieg’s comments.

Buttigieg’s reasoning for holding such a sick, ridiculous, and unscientific view? The Bible of course, because he’s the authority on all matters of Christianity these days.

Specifically, he references the scripture that speaks of God breathing life into man that can be found in Genesis 2. Of course, this is a completely out of context, cherry picked example that ignores everything else about that passage and subsequent verses. At that moment, God was not breathing life into a already living, growing human being. He was literally forming Adam from nothing in his image and then flipping on the light switch so to speak. What Buttigieg references was an event that created human life to then perpetuate through reproduction.

There is no question that an unborn baby is alive, human, and a separate being. It does not magically turn into a person the moment it takes a breath outside the womb. Anyone arguing that is pushing anti-factual garbage. Further, getting back to Buttigieg’s religious claims, the Bible makes it crystal clear that children in the womb are people.


Buttigieg would go on to lie about abortion restrictions as well, claiming that most Americans believe there should be none. In reality, around 80% of the country support bans on abortion in the third trimester and a majority support banning them after the 1st trimester. More people support banning all abortions than complete, unfettered abortion.

Call me old fashioned, but Buttigieg is playing with fire here. As the Book of James warns, those that teach evil while couching it as the word of God will be judged most harshly. This kind of twisting of scripture is just sick. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect a racist from the 1800s to do to support slavery, except in this case it’s a major Democratic candidate stumping for killing children until they take their first breath. Logically, that would mean you could kill a child after leaving the birth canal. It’s insane and murderous.


Buttigieg isn’t going to be the nominee, but he’s certainly exposed himself as someone in desperate need of truth. I pray he he turns from this course he’s on.


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