The Ratings for CNN's "Climate Crisis" Town Hall Are In

Last night, CNN subjected television viewers to the torturous exercise of listening to 2020 Democrat candidates riff on climate change for seven straight hours. We got all kinds of craziness, from Bernie promoting taxpayer funded abortions to cull the population and reduce emissions to Buttigieg lecturing on the morality of eating hamburgers. If you want the government to control every aspect of your life, these people are your ticket.


The question is, how many people were actually watching? If you guessed that Fox News, with just their regular lineup, would nearly triple CNN’s viewership, congrats.

Half of that probably came from airports and gyms. The numbers above are averages over the seven hour period and they aren’t particularly close to their competition. Even MSNBC’s raving conspiratorial lunacy almost doubled up CNN.

Perhaps the problem here isn’t content. Perhaps it’s just CNN? When Democrats go on Fox News or MSNBC for debates or “town halls,” they do much better in the ratings. When they go sit down with Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo, nobody watches. That’s not just a coincidence at this point. It really does seem as if the public have tuned out the gas-lighting, liberal network and certainly not without cause.

Or maybe it is content on some level? How many people really want to sit through even one hour (much less seven) of Democrats making wild claims and promising to destroy the economy? That’s not exactly riveting TV. It may also speak to the possibility that enthusiasm for this Democrat group is not nearly as high as the media would like you to believe.


There is one problem with some of the hot takes about last night’s town hall though. I’ve heard a lot of people saying Trump was the big winner. Can he really be the winner if no one was watching?


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