Bill Kristol Finally Finds a Group of People He Doesn't Want to Give Guns To

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Bill Kristol has essentially nuked his reputation in the age of Trump. The former conservative icon ran The Weekly Standard into the ground with an irrational level of anti-Trumpism and then found a lefty billionaire to bankroll his now low-trafficked blog “The Bulwark.” Throughout the past three years he’s managed to shift and morph his highly touted “principles” to center on one key idea – oppose Trump at all costs.


That’s not to say Trump is perfect. There are certainly people who manage to have opposition to the president while still maintaining some semblance of their personal integrity. Bill Kristol is not one of those people. He’s shown himself willing to support anyone and anything if he feels it allows him to slap at the President.

Kristol is of course famous for his neoconservative views, where he’s never met a country he didn’t want to bomb or a group of people he didn’t want to arm.

Well, today he finally found citizens of a country he doesn’t want to ship guns to – Law-abiding Americans.

How does Kristol arrive at the conclusion of which firearms fall under the God-given, constitutionally mandated rights we enjoy (at least for a little while longer)? He doesn’t say, but such arbitrary distinctions seem rather unconservative to me. We know the Supreme Court has already ruled that guns in common use are protected and an AR-15 is the most common rifle in the country. Should gun ownership simply based on Kristol’s gut feelings?

Coincidentally, this has become a common theme among the high profile names of the Never Trump movement. We’ve seen similar denunciations of the 2nd Amendment from people like David Frum, Bret Stephens, and David Brooks. It’s almost like these people never really supported gun rights in the first place? Were they total phonies from the beginning and simply saw the conservative movement as a way to raise their profiles and make a lot of money?


I think we all know the answer to that.


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