Fox News Slaps Back at Trump After His Twitter Criticism

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Some Fox News personalities have apparently had enough of being denigrated by the President.

You may recall that earlier this week, Trump went on a Twitter rant in which he slammed Fox News for interviewing a DNC official. Kira Davis covered it and gave her analysis in a write up a few days back.


Neal Cavuto took to the airwaves late in the week and opened his show with a monologue pointedly telling Trump that Fox News “doesn’t work for you, Mr. President.”

We saw a similar reply from Guy Benson.

Personally, I think this is being purposely obtuse. Trump was not asserting that Fox News was his employee. He was saying the network wasn’t working for him and his supporters, as in it’s not producing the content they want anymore, often enough. It may sound really cool and snarky to slap back and say you don’t work for him, but that’s clearly not what Trump was even saying.

Now, that’s probably an overreaction given most of Fox’s biggest names are still outwardly pro-Trump, but I can understand the criticism. As Kira noted in her piece, conservatives don’t have dozens of non-left wing, major outlets to choose from. They’ve come to rely on Fox to balance the scales and when they see segments that mirror CNN, they naturally get frustrated. What’s the point of Fox if it moves so much to the center that you can get the same thing from Jake Tapper’s show?


Yes, news networks should report the news honestly and that means criticizing all sides at times, but no one should pretend Fox News hasn’t rose to prominence specifically because they’ve championed a conservative viewpoint.

It’s probably best for both sides that this silly feud not go any farther though. Trump needs Fox News on some level and they need him and his supporters.


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