Twitter's Most Notorious Feminist Learns the Cost of Wokeness

Perhaps the most disconcerting evolution of our society in the past decade has been the rise of “wokeness” which is simply a hip name for the poison that is intersectionality. The idea that we aren’t defined by our individual merits and qualities (or in the eyes of God if you are religious), but rather that we are part of a monolithic “identity group,” with each identity being inherently more or less valuable depending on the current liberal hierarchy.


This is why you see even the most mundane facets of Christianity being attacked on the left but Islam being treated with kid gloves. It’s why you see such an obsession among Democrats with race and electing leaders not based on their ideas, but by what gender they are. Intersectionality may, in some isolated cases, stem from good desires. More often then not though, it’s simply a way to aggregate power for a select few.

It’s also poisonous to personal relationships. Take Saira Rao, who has made a bit of a name for herself on Twitter as being the most over the top “woke” feminist on the platform.

She recently made a series of posts complaining that she had lost all her friends after trying to push them into her intersectional views.

Who would have ever imagined that your friends might shun you if you demanded they “give up whiteness.” What does that even mean? That’s simply not a thing a non-crazy person asks of someone they are in a personal relationship with. It’s the kind of shaming you’d expect from someone attempting to force their friends into a cult.


What Rao was really saying to her friends, which she doesn’t seem to realize, is that her own political views are more important than the views of her friends. When they didn’t bow before her intersectional evangelism, Rao didn’t take that as a sign that perhaps it’s ok to have differing views. Instead, she kept coming at them, shaming them, shoving propaganda in their face, and ultimately slandering them. Is it any surprise they eventually stopped hanging out with her?

More crazily, Rao doesn’t show any introspection or regret at all. Rather, she goes on to compare her friends to members of the KKK and calls them white supremacists.

If you are starting to think wokeness borders on mental illness, you wouldn’t be alone. This is not normal behavior. It’s not how you interact with other human beings socially. Labeling everyone who doesn’t want to “give up their whiteness” as a white supremacist strikes me as the rantings of a lunatic.

I feel some sympathy for Rao, but I also recognize this is completely of her own doing. Until she’s ready to actually think about her own flaws and the illogical insanity of her ideology, I don’t suspect her friends will be inviting her to Christmas anytime soon.


Unfortunately, there’s nothing in Rao’s thinking, nor the thinking of many on the far left that points to an awakening anytime soon. This kind of division in our culture is only going to get worse.


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