Bill Barr Booked a Party at Trump's Hotel and the Left Lost Their Minds, Then the Facts Came Out

Attorney General William Barr appears before a Senate Appropriations subcommittee to make his Justice Department budget request, Wednesday, April 10, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)


It’s almost like they are overlooking relevant facts on purpose to push a narrative. Nah, couldn’t be.

If you got on political social media today, you probably witnessed about eight hours of freakout centered on Bill Barr hosting a party at the Trump Hotel in DC. Here’s a sampling of some of the flailing about that took place.


From the headlines and the responses, you’d think Barr was evil incarnate, reaching a level of corruption never before seen in modern American politics. Taking DOJ money and using it to pay $30,000 to Donald Trump’s hotel? Beyond the pale.

Well, it would be if that was what actually happened.

So what’s really going on here? This wasn’t government money. It wasn’t funneling DOJ funds to Donald Trump or mixing business with pleasure. Rather, Bill Barr took his own money and booked a 4 hour party at Trump’s hotel for his friends and family, totaling about 200 attendees. Real scandalous stuff.

This entire outrage is stupid. Barr is free to spend his money as he wants. If he wants to burn a ridiculous sum on a Christmas party, more power to him. It wouldn’t be my choice, but it’s his money. The idea that this is corruption or a conflict of interest simply doesn’t add up. I saw one person suggest this was a “bribe.” Why would Barr need to bribe Trump? Wouldn’t it be the other way around if you buy into the conspiracy theories about them being in league together?


And does anyone think Trump cares about the few thousand dollars his business will clear after all the staff, food, and facility expenses are paid? Of course he doesn’t. The guy may not be as rich as he claims, but he’s still filthy rich.

I do like the fact that Barr seems to enjoy triggering these people. It’s refreshing to see a political appointee throw some shades on and ignore the woke mob for a change.


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