A Hong Kong Protestor Is Asked About China, His Answer Is Hilarious

A protester waves a U.S. flag as hundreds of protesters gather outside Kwai Chung police station in Hong Kong, Tuesday, July 30, 2019. Protesters clashed with police again in Hong Kong on Tuesday night after reports that some of their detained colleagues would be charged with the relatively serious charge of rioting. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu)


The unrest in Hong Kong continues as I write this, with the local authorities warning of consequences if the protesting continues. That hasn’t stopped millions of people from taking the streets, pushing back on the communist encroachment on what is supposed to be a free and democratic region.

One such protestor was seen holding a flag calling for Hong Kong’s independence. This prompted a reporter to go up and ask him if he thinks Donald Trump should step in.

The man’s response took the internet by storm.

The video is only six seconds, but it may be the greatest six seconds in political protest history.

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but it’s still hilarious. The shades, the facial expressions. It all just works.


I for one hope this guy and everyone in this movement with him succeeds. China’s government is a dumpster fire of communism and dictatorship. Any American should be able to sympathize with what these people are going through. The odds may be long, but I’m rooting for them.


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