CNN Guest Says Trump May Be Responsible for More Deaths than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao Combined

This happened on a show called Reliable Sources because journalism.

CNN’s Brian Stelter has become obsessed with the idea that Trump is mentally ill and should be removed from office. That meant having two doctors on to confirm his biases. The segment was weird enough, but then things really went off the rails when a psychiatrist named Allen Frances started talking and went into “the frogs are gay” territory.


“The second issue is that calling Trump crazy hides the fact that we’re crazy for having elected him and even crazier for allowing his crazy policies to persist. Trump is as destructive a person in this century as Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were in the last century. He may be responsible for many more million deaths than they were. He needs to be contained but he needs to be contained by attacking his policies, not his person.

It’s crazy for us to be destroying the climate our children will live in. It’s crazy to be giving tax cuts to the rich that will add trillions of dollars to the debt our children will have to pay. It’s crazy to be destroying our democracy by claiming that the press and the courts of the enemy of the people. We have to face these policies not Trump’s person.”

Keep in mind that Mao Zedong alone killed up to 45 million people. When you start tallying up war deaths, Hitler isn’t far behind. Stalin of course murdered tens of millions directly as well.

This “doctor” has a message though. Trump is not only “just as destructive” as those figures, he’s responsible for millions more deaths. How? Well, climate change and tax cuts of course. Never mind that the tax cuts reached over 75% of the country, the vast majority who aren’t rich or that the U.S. is cutting emissions faster than any country on earth. Trump is Hitler, Mao, and Stalin because he pulled out of the meaningless Paris Accords or something.


These are the brilliant minds of the #resistance. The smart set and media figures who simply know better. Notice that Brian Stelter, upon hearing this loony tunes rant, doesn’t interject or correct his guest. He just sits there intently listening, as if brilliance is being shown forth.

Stelter would later claim he didn’t hear what was said.

The claim that he didn’t hear is laughable. This wasn’t a single word that slipped by. It was an entire rant that Stelter now says he missed while staring at the guy talking.

What’s even more ludicrous about all this is that Stelter held major opposition to questioning the health of Hillary Clinton in 2016. Even more recently, he’s had no discussions on his show about Joe Biden’s continual gaffes leading to questions of his mental fortitude. It’s only Trump he’s interested in and that means trotting out crack pot doctors to tell him what he wants to hear.

I’m trying to imagine what CNN’s response would be if Fox News had a guest say something like this about Barack Obama. Stelter and Olivier Darcey would be throwing the bat signal up and yelling on Twitter about how inappropriate and crazed such a claim is. The problem for them is that most of the crazy is happening on their own network now, so you get silence, obfuscation, and excuses.


In closing, just in case you thought the media at large might push back on this, nah. They are going with the “Republicans pounce” angle because that’s what they always do.


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