Sky News Blames "Colonization" for Homosexuality Being Illegal In Muslim Countries

If you want a story that illustrates the stupidity of inter-sectional wokeness, here you go.

Sky News shared this report via their YouTube channel, which mostly focuses on Nigeria. In it, they attempt to make the case that criminalization of homosexuality was a product of colonization by Western powers.


Of course, if you actually watch the video, you quickly learn that all the places where homosexuality is punishable by death are Muslim countries operating under some form of Sharia law. The video even spends about 20 seconds on that fact, mentioning that in Northern Nigeria, Sharia law is what is dictating such inhumane punishments.

Despite that, they keep coming back to the idea that old penal codes from the colonial era are the real problem here.Β This is ahistorical nonsense.

Yes, colonial powers during that time period, along with just about every other society on earth at the time, did not approve of homosexuality. But to try to pretend that old laws from the 1800s are the reason Muslim countries have the death penalty for homosexuality is ridiculous.

Further, most (if not nearly all) of the African cultures in questions had strong traditions against homosexuality long before the colonial period. There’s a reason that Europe is accepting of homosexuality and Africans generally aren’t, and it’s not because Africans were somehow still bound to laws put in place by the French a hundred years ago. At about the 8 minute mark of the video, they finally show a map of all the countries in Africa where homosexuality is still a crime. The vast majority are Muslim countries.


Look, I’ve got no problem with Sky News or anyone else pointing out that it’s wrong for countries to persecute people for being gay. What I do have a problem with is them peeing on my leg and telling me it’s raining by blaming “colonization” for it. The primary driver of anti-gay laws in Africa, including all laws dictating the death penalty, is the Muslim religion. Period. Why was that not the focus of their report?

The answer is because Muslims are at the top of the inter-sectional pyramid for some reason. It’s that simple.


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