The Mooch and Bill Kristol Join Forces to Force Trump Off the 2020 Ballot

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White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci speaks to members of the media outside the White House in Washington, Tuesday, July 25, 2017. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)


Noway this doesn’t succeed.

NeverTrump Godfather Bill Kristol has apparently had a discussion with Anthony Scaramucci about trying to force President Donald Trump off the ballot in 2020.

The “Never Trump” movement has a new ally: hedge fund boss Anthony Scaramucci, who was fired in 2017 after serving 11 days as communications director in President Donald Trump’s White House.

Anti-Trump pundit and veteran Republican operative Bill Kristol confirmed to CNBC in a few brief text messages that he has spoken to Scaramucci since the SkyBridge Capital founder had a public falling out with Trump this summer. Asked whether he has spoken to Scaramucci about trying to find another presidential candidate to replace Trump on the top of the GOP ticket next year, Kristol said: “Yup.”

Kristol is like the old creepy dude in his 30s who can’t hold a job down but still tries to pick up high school chicks. He just can’t accept that he’s past his prime and no longer has any influence so you get irrational, flailing attempts at gaining relevance like this.


He tried to mount a challenger to Trump in 2016 after the primary ended and failed spectacularly. He then ran the Weekly Standard, once a stalwart conservative publication, into the grave. Because failing up is always a thing among D.C. elite though, he managed to secure funding from a left-wing billionaire to start The Bulwark, which is a blog so low trafficked that there’s noway the writers there are actually making money from what they write. How long the gravy train propping them up lasts is anyone’s guess but there’s apparently no shortage of donors willing to fall for Kristol’s continued grift.

Meanwhile, Scaramucci is in the midst of a feud with the President because that’s the timeline we live in now. After being an adamant supporter of Trump for years, Scaramucci felt he needed to start securing more TV appearances. You know, for the people or something. The quickest way to do that in today’s media environment is to become part of the #Resistance. Sure enough, the press were more than happy to reward his transformation and CNN signed him on as a regular contributor the moment he started saying Trump shouldn’t be re-elected.

These are the people we are told have “principles” and are our moral betters.


To see these two characters try to join forces is comical. It’s also a plan that’s doomed to failure. Whatever level they are truly allying, there’s exactly a 0.0% chance that Donald Trump is forced out as the Republican nominee for 2020. The only way Trump isn’t on the ballot is if he chooses not to be and that’s not going to happen. Even if there was some possible master plan to knock Trump out in 2020, it certainly won’t be carried out by Bill Kristol and Anthony freaking Scaramucci.

These people are nothing but con artists desperate for their next score.


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