EU Preparing to Put Warning Labels on Jewish Products

The European Union is preparing to add warning labels on Jewish products made in Israel. Not content with generations of antisemitism before and after the Holocaust, Europe’s ruling class apparently thinks it’s a good idea to push what is the equivalent of an in kind contribution to the boycott, divestment, and sanction movement.


Per The Washington Free Beacon.

The European Union is poised to mandate that Israeli products made in contested territories carry consumer warning labels, a decision that could trigger American anti-boycott laws and open up what legal experts describe as a “Pandora’s box” of litigation, according to multiple sources involved in the legal dispute who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon.

The Advocate General of the European Court of Justice recently issued non-binding opinion arguing that EU law requires Israeli-made products to be labeled as coming from “settlements” and “Israeli colonies.”

This kind of ridiculous language ignores everything we know about the rules of war and about the standards every other country on earth is held too. It’s not an illegal “settlement” or “colony” when you beat off almost a dozen Arab countries that were trying to eradicate you in a hot war. But because antisemitism is so pervasive, Israel gets held to a completely different standard and is expected to hand every piece of land they rightfully won back over to terrorist groups that want to destroy them. It’s mind-numbing.

Even dumber is that the same EU Advocate General who made this decision also decided that products from the same area must be labeled as coming from “Palestine,” which does not exist. This is pure politics and simply a hand out to anti-Semites pushing BDS.


“The Advocate General’s opinion said that goods produced by Muslims are to be labeled from ‘Palestine,’ and goods produced by Jews labeled as coming from ‘Israeli colonies,’ Goldstein said. “Both people are living in the same geographic location, and yet Jewish goods are being treated differently.”

With the Advocate General issuing his opinion, the matter now goes before the EU court, which is expected to make the decision binding.

With the EU court’s 15 judge panel now poised to issue its own binding judgment in the case, legal experts are warning that a potential decision mandating such labeling could pave the way for goods from any disputed territory to receive such treatment.

Keep in mind that labels dictating products are from settlements and colonies are not required of any other nation on earth. This is why BDS is inherently anti-Semitic. It seeks to apply barriers to the only Jewish state on the planet while applying no such barriers to far worse actors. The same people demanding Israel be boycotted and sanctioned are often against sanctions for countries like Iran or Venezuela. This is the position Rep. Ilhan Omar holds, for example.

Europe is getting more and more militant against Jews. There’s been a sharp rise in violent antisemitism as massive migration from the Middle East has overwhelmed many countries. But to blame it strictly on that would not tell the whole story. Carrying just as much blame are the governments of many Western European countries that have long histories of antisemitism. France is actually who started this entire ordeal by first mandating Israeli businesses label their products with clearly political messages. That led to the lawsuit which the EU is now ruling on.


All of this is a call back to boycotts of Jewish businesses before the Holocaust in which Jews were mandated to post signs announcing who they were so anti-Semites could avoid them. It is simply astonishing that such tactics are on the verge of becoming law in Europe again. None of this appears to be getting better and it underscores, now more than ever, exactly why Israel is necessary as a safe haven for the Jewish people.


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