MSNBC Contributor Goes Insane, Spins Wild Conspiracy Theory Involving Trump and Hitler

The past five days have just been nuts. The amount of vitriol and partisan garbage that has perpetuated from the mainstream media since the three mass shootings that took place last weekend (yes, there were three, you just didn’t hear about the third one for typical reasons).


We’ve seen Presidential candidates say Trump is directly responsible. We’ve seen them fundraise off the violence, pledging to violate the constitution if they are elected. For the media’s part, they’ve landed on one narrative and that’s to blame Republicans for everything. In response to news that the Dayton, OH shooter was an avid leftist, socialist, and Sanders/Warren fan who repeated Antifa calls to violence, the press suddenly decided that shooting wasn’t even worth talking about. That’s left us with crazed rantings almost exclusively about the shooting that took place in El Paso, TX.

But nothing approaches the insanity you are about to witness. Behold, MSNBC’s “national security analyst.”

If you can’t watch the video, here’s a summary of the absolutely bat-mess nutty that is displayed.

Yes, this supposed unbiased, super serious national security analysis actually believes that Trump only ordered the American flag to half-staff in order to honor Hilter. He thinks that the specific date he chose to fly it until is part of a deep, Infowars style conspiracy to signal to white supremacists.


This is real life.

As an aside, try to imagine the wails from CNN and Brian Stelter, who claims to be a media watchdog, if Fox News has a contributor float this kind of craziness.

Trump has broken these people. They aren’t coming back from the edge. They are leaping off it with arms flailing. I’m genuinely concerned for how bad things will get if he’s re-elected. Of course, their emotional immaturity is not a reason to elect a Democrat, but these people are not going to suddenly back off after 2020. My cynical side says the country is headed in a very dark direction and the left are driving the bus.


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