CNN's Brian Karem Finally Suspended From the White House After Altercation

Brian Karem, who is inexplicably described as a journalist by CNN, is back in the news again. Before we get there, let’s recap some of his latest antics.

A few months ago, he got himself into trouble by spreading a fake news story that Trump had a “blank” piece of paper in his hand. This came while the President was announcing an immigration deal with Mexico. Later, photos would show the paper not only contained the language of the agreement, but also the signatures. Karem had pushed a completely false story without even bothering to confirm any details beforehand.


Unfortunately, Karem is not one to ever learn the lesson of humility, especially when none of his media colleagues ever hold him accountable. That led to one of the most ridiculous things you’ll ever see a reporter do on White House property.

In the video, you can see Karem has crossed the barrier and is instigating a confrontation with the crowd. You can hear him say the attendees (who were social media personalities there for a summit) are “eager for demonic possession.” He’s also reported to have called them “clowns” because Trump was answering their questions and not his. Things escalate further when he tells Sebastian Gorka to “come on over here brother, we can go outside and have a long conversation,” clearly a reference to having a physical fight. Of course, the media selectively edited the video and pushed a false narrative for much of the lifespan of the story because that’s what they do.


Now, he’s being suspended from White House grounds for 30 days for that incident.

Despite what amounts to a relative slap on the wrist given behavior that should have elicited a life-time ban, Karem is naturally claiming persecution and will sue to contest the suspension.

The most ridiculous part of this isn’t that Karem is who he is. We’ve known for a long time that he’s a loud mouth that has no business being anywhere near the objective news business. No, what’s most ridiculous is that absolutely no one in his profession has the guts to call him out. Perhaps they feel they must maintain a unified front at all times, but you’d think heckling a crowd and challenging someone to a fight might cross the line? I guess not.

No doubt, CNN will continue to misrepresent this story (just as Jim Acosta did the day it happened) but you’d think there’s noway a judge could rule in Karem’s favor given how he conducted himself. White House entry is not an enumerated right. Yet, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if that’s exactly what happened. We live in an era where some judges will rule based singularly on whether it hurts Donald Trump or not, no matter how tortured the decision.


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