Rick Wilson Says Tulsi Gabbard Is Making Russians Swarm Him

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Tusli Gabbard by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Yesterday, I wrote about the absurdity of Democrats and their claiming that Russia is responsible for every negative event that happens to them. The latest episode involved establishment party figures and media members running to blame Russian bots on Tulsi Gabbard’s takedown of Kamala Harris trending.


Harris is obviously one of the preferred candidates among the CNN class (although Warren is the chosen one) and having Gabbard knock her out in the debate was too much to bear. Instead of responding with a factual rebuttal or defending her record, Harris’ proponents decided it’d be best to paint Gabbard as a Russian agent instead.

That’s continuing today and MSNBC’s Rick Wilson joined in with this hilarious anecdote.

Yes, I’m sure the Russians really care what a washed up McCain campaign official is saying on the topic of Tulsi Gabbard wrecking Kamala Harris. Is Rick also seeing little green men walking around his house?

But while we are on the topic of foreign influence, let’s mention that Wilson has made himself a mouthpiece for Qatar over the last few years.

This is what’s so silly about this entire argument. Democrats love foreign influence as long as it’s what they approve of and think it can help them. The fact is, #KamalaHarrisDestroyed did not trend because of the Russians. It trended because, and stick with me, Kamala Harris got destroyed. Gabbard didn’t have an earpiece from the Kremlin in her ear as she methodically went after Harris’ checkered record as a prosecutor.


You can expect the hysteria to grow, though. What’s happening in the Democrat primaries is just the tip of the iceberg. Once the general election starts, it’s going to be all Russia, all the time.


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