Elijah Cummings Has His House Broken Into, Democrat Super Sleuths Are on the Case

2017 AFGE Legislative Conference – Sunday
AFGE activists travel to Washington, DC for the union’s annual Legislative Conference.
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There was a bit of ironic news that came out yesterday evening.

Rep. Elijah Cummings, who was criticized by President Trump for the condition of his district, had his house broken into on July 27th. Cummings was, of course, at the center of a firestorm, in which Trump was called a racist for pointing out the serious crime and poverty issues in Baltimore, which Cummings’ district includes the worst parts of. There was objectively nothing racist about the comments, but that doesn’t seem to be a prerequisite anymore.

Because this break-in happened on the same day that Trump leveled his criticisms of Baltimore and Cummings, that led to some pretty wild conspiracy theories.

Here’s Joy Reid doing the “I didn’t say it but I’m saying it” routine, inviting the onslaught of crazy.


“Held accountable” for his “words” sounds really pro-free speech right?

There’s a problem with all this nonsense though. The break-in happened before Trump even tweeted.

Apparently, Trump’s diabolical evil knows no bounds, not even those of time and space.


The ridiculous thing here is so many people running to a mindless, illogical conspiracy theory instead of just blaming the obvious, namely that Baltimore is a crime-ridden mess and not even Elijah Cummings is immune. This is a city with a murder rate higher than Afghanistan, and it’s not even close. Six people alone were killed last weekend. While Democrats were rushing to gaslight on how wonderful Baltimore is, those committing crimes didn’t take the day off because they never do.

This break-in is not some Watergate scheme to frame Cummings’ district, as some are stupidly suggesting. It’s simply the reality of Cummings’ district.


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