Tulsi Gabbard Is Now a Russian Agent

Tusli Gabbard by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

The Democrat party and their media stenographers have one play in the playbook at this point and it’s Russia.


Anything they don’t like is Russia’s fault. Anyone they don’t like is a Russian agent. Do you eat hamburgers? You’re probably a Russian sympathizer according to The Washington Post. Everything is blamed on Russia, no matter how nonsensical the charge is.

We’ve seen this play out most recently with the #MoscowMitch hashtag and numerous media outlets rushing to telling us that Mitch McConnell is actually Putin’s puppet. It never stops and that means it’s not going to stop in the Democratic primaries either.

As I wrote this morning, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard absolutely wrecked Kamala Harris at the debate last night. If they haven’t seen it, here’s the clip again.

In response, Kamala Harris picked herself up off the floor and gave a riveting counter to the attacks on her record.

lol…just kidding…she had her boosters go out and accuse Gabbard of being a Russian agent.


Wait, you mean to tell me that Russia Today reported on the most explosive exchange at the debate? The same exchange that ever other media outlet on earth reported on? Well, this changes everything. I’ll also note that Stengal has no proof that Russia started the #KamalaHarrisDestroyed hashtag. It’s a baseless accusation that mirrors many other baseless claims about evil Russians controlling social media.

Harris’ campaign also got directly involved. Here’s her Press Sec. weighing in.

You see, it couldn’t just be that Kamala Harris a terrible politician who has no business running for President. No, the only reason Gabbard attacked her is because the Russians made her do it. Do you sense trend yet? Anytime anyone threatens mainstream Democratic thought, it’s always the Kremlin’s fault. Funny how that works.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who’s never met a conspiracy theory she didn’t love, chimed in as well.

That’s called having a debate, Joy. That’s what the purpose of that gathering last night was.


Here’s the reality. If Gabbard goes after Biden, she only helps Harris stay ahead of her. The way you claw your way into a race with many people is to go after those standing between you and the front runner. This isn’t new or revolutionary to most people. To Democrats, it’s proof of a Russian disinformation campaign to take down the unimpeachable Kamala Harris.

These people are crazy and this is a preview of the general election. Every single bit of positive news for Donald Trump is going to be blamed on the Russians. We are going to get countless evidence free think pieces about Russian trolls, bots, and social media campaigns. All of this will be spun to paint Trump as being helped by the Russians. You can also bet there will be some fresh conspiracy theories dealing with Russian contacts by the Trump campaign. Why? Because they have nothing to actually run on.


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