Senior DCCC Staff Fired for Being Too White

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Someone make this news cycle stop. I need a break from the absurdity.

Last night, some information broke regarding the DCCC, which is the campaign committee that helps get Democrats elected to the House. By the end of the evening, all the top senior officials were out.


The top echelon of staffers at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee left their jobs Monday, a shakeup following a pair of POLITICO stories detailing deep unease with the party’s campaign apparatus over a lack of diversity.

On Monday morning, Allison Jaslow, DCCC executive director and a close ally of Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-Ill.) — chair of the committee — resigned during a tense meeting at the party’s Capitol Hill headquarters. And in the next 10 hours, much of the senior staff was out: Jared Smith, the communications director and another Bustos ally; Melissa Miller, a top DCCC communications aide; Molly Ritner, political director; Nick Pancrazio, deputy executive director; and Van Ornelas, the DCCC’s director of diversity.

To be clear, none of these people actually left voluntarily. To the extent that they “resigned,” it was because of the pressure they were forced into it.

POLITICO reported last week that top lawmakers in the Congressional Black Caucus and Congressional Hispanic Caucus were furious with Bustos, saying she was short-changing minorities by excluding them from her senior staff and failing to live up to promises she made during her campaign for the chairmanship. Bustos surrounded herself with loyalists, eschewing the typical campaign hands that run major party apparatuses.

“Today, I recognize that, at times, I have fallen short in leading these talented individuals. To my colleagues, who I have the upmost respect for, I hear your concerns, and we can and must do better,” Bustos said.


After the meeting, the resignations began, no doubt at Bustos demand. She’s desperately flailing about, trying to preserve her own position and she was willing to push out her entire senior staff to do it.

The reason is simple. Her staff was too white. It didn’t reflect the “diversity” of the Democratic party. Why that matters when we are talking about a behind the scenes, number crunching campaign committee, I’m not sure. But this is the modern Democratic party. They are so woke that it was always just a matter of time before they started eating themselves.

I’m not sure what’s more pathetic here. That this is what the Democratic party has become or that none of these people are willing to stand up for themselves in the face of this inter-sectional nonsense. Bustos immediately folded and threw what were seemingly her friends under the bus to appease the mob.

If I were these senior staff members, I’d have made them fire me. No one should be forced to give up a job they are qualified for just to meet racial quotas.


How many stories in the mainstream media on the disarray within the Democratic party do you think we’ll see today in response to this? One? None? I’m gonna go with none. Republicans can disagree about what’s for lunch and it’s a “civil war,” but this won’t garner anything because protecting the left is the priority.

For the Democrats’ part, they deserve this. Feed the monster, but don’t be surprised when it eats you.


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