As the Left Focuses on Faux Cries of Racism, Baltimore Blows By 2018 Murder Rate and Real People Are Suffering

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump speaks during a Made in America showcase event on the South Lawn of the White House, Monday, July 15, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


Let me show you the stupidity of modern politics. We’ll start with a recap.

Elijah Cummings makes a dishonest, disgusting rant against the acting DHS Secretary, accusing him of abusing children and not caring about humanity. Nothing he said was provably true and it was a slander the CBP didn’t deserve. Trump responded by pointing out, rightly, that Cummings own district is a dumpster fire of crime and poverty and that he shouldn’t be attacking CBP, who are doing the best they can.

To a normal, logical person, the response should be “you know, it is concerning that Baltimore has a murder rate higher than almost every 3rd world country on earth and perhaps we should focus on that.”

But nope, we don’t live in sane times. So instead we got crying on CNN and countless media hits about how Trump’s comments were racist, despite having no racial connotation whatsoever. Heck, we even got Democrats rushing to defend noted anti-Semite and race hustler Al Sharpton because nothing has to make sense anymore as long as you are opposing Trump.

What really happened here is that Trump broke the rules, as he’s apt to do. The rules say that Republicans simply aren’t allowed to point out the failures of Democrats in the major cities and if you do so, you will be labeled racist because the inner cities are mostly made up of minorities. Until Trump, most Republicans dutifully followed the script.

Trump is not most Republicans.

Meanwhile, as the left rages about tweets that were objectively not racist, real people continue to suffer and die in Baltimore, a city none of them were thinking twice about until it became a way to respond angrily at Donald Trump.


Here’s some eye popping stats for you.

Those numbers are high enough that if Baltimore were a country, it’d be the 4th most dangerous country on the planet. Baltimore leads every U.S. city in murder rate and it’s really not even close at this point. Even if you broaden it to just violent crime (including minor assaults, etc.), Baltimore still clocks in at #2, just behind Detroit.

But the high median income and college graduate rates!

Well yeah. Cummings’ district looks like a child threw up because it’s been so gerrymandered (for the record I’m not against gerrymandering and to the victor go the spoils). That means that he has western and northern suburbs that curve around and connect to his part of the city. In those suburbs are mostly rich white people who moved out of the city long ago because it is such a disaster.

Median income numbers do absolutely nothing to tell the story of poverty within west Baltimore, which is the area being referenced throughout this entire ordeal.


Baltimore is objectively in awful shape. The violent crime numbers are mind-glowingly bad. Residents live in fear and squalor that’s more fit for Afghanistan. Instead of actually addressing Trump’s comments though, we’ve gotten nonsensical #IamBaltimore hashtags and virtue signaling. Because that’s all our current political and media class are good for.

By next week, none of those same people will be thinking about Baltimore. They won’t be donating to charities that address the situation. They won’t hold the officials helping to destroy the city accountable. In fact, they’ll keep making excuses for them. As usual, this was all about politics and “orange man bad.” Better to cry racism for partisan gain than to actually help people who are literally dying in a war zone in one of America’s oldest cities.


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