A Media Outlet Finally Dug Into the Epstein-Clinton Ties, and Surprise, Clinton Lied Again

Over the past few weeks, I wrote a few pieces pointing out the absurdity of the media’s coverage of the Jeffrey Epstein travesty.

For the opening act, the major networks and papers were really interested. Why? Because there was a member of Trump’s administration that worked on Epstein’s sweetheart plea deal. That was all the hook the media needed to make the story about Donald Trump.


But then something happened. Alex Acosta resigned and the hook was gone. Suddenly, the media didn’t care anymore. The story died overnight because there was no longer a vehicle to attack Trump, so who cares, right?

A little less than a week later, they had their hook again though. A meaningless, irrelevant video emerged showing Donald Trump dancing awkwardly at a party in 1992 and it suddenly put Epstein back on the front page. You see, Trump had briefly conversed with Epstein at this party, along with hundreds of other people. Scandalous right? It didn’t matter that no relevant connections between Epstein and Trump actually existed. Yes, they knew each other. Epstein also knew every other member of New York high society. In fact, Trump would ban Epstein from his resort over a decade later after he was made aware of predatory conduct. Not only that, he went to the police and helped the victim. What a monster.

While the media were laser focused on whatever they could do to make Epstein’s evil an Orange Man Bad story, the real news continued to be ignored. Namely, that Bill Clinton had been on Epstein’s plane multiple times, without secret service, and with underage girls on board. This got a slight mention in a Vanity Fair piece, which inexplicably focused on Donald Trump being told there were picture of Clinton on Epstein’s pedophile island. You’d think the big news wouldn’t be Trump being told that but that there were possibly pictures of Clinton on an island famous for sex trafficking and child rape. But nah, Vanity Fair didn’t even push the issue. They published Clinton’s denial and went back to riffing irrelevancy about Trump.


Perhaps the tide is turning though. Today, we’ve finally got a major media outlet doing some investigative work on the connections between Epstein and Clinton.

If you’ll recall, the former President put out this statement a few weeks back.

Now, we already know Clinton is lying about the flights, as the logs do not match up with what he says and that there were at least seven flights taken without his staff and secret service. That seems like a pretty big deal, but the media (outside of a few conservative outlets) hasn’t touched it for obvious reasons.

Further though, Clinton’s statement gives the impression that he barely knew Epstein and that their relationship was limited. He lists his only other encounter as being a brief meeting in 2002.

Surprise, surprise, according to The Daily Beast, Clinton lied again.

How Epstein entered Clinton’s orbit remains unclear. When the president released his initial statement on Epstein, he did not explain the multiple other trips he appears to have taken on the financier’s plane—including one flight to Westchester with Epstein, his alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell, and an “unnamed female.”

Clinton also failed to mention the intimate 1995 fundraising dinner at the Palm Beach home of Revlon mogul Ron Perelman, where Clinton hobnobbed with the likes of Epstein, Don Johnson, and Jimmy Buffett. (Nearby, at Epstein’s own Palm Beach mansion, the money man allegedly abused hundreds of underage girls.)

The two were clearly chummy by the early Clinton Foundation years, as attested to by a 2002 photo of Epstein and Clinton in Brunei that appeared in Vicky Ward’s 2003 profile of the financier. In a 2002 piece for New York magazine about the Africa trip, Clinton praised Epstein as a “highly successful financier and a committed philanthropist.”


Not only were Epstein and Clinton far more connected in 2002 than his statement indicated, they were palling around in the 1990s as well.

Documents in the Clinton Library, however, attest to much earlier links between Maxwell, Epstein, and the Clinton White House.

In late September of 1993, Bill and Hillary Clinton hosted a reception for supporters who had contributed to recent White House renovations. The nearly $400,000 overhaul—which included new gold draperies and a 13-color woven rug for the Oval Office—was funded entirely by donations to the White House Historical Association, a private organization that helps preserve and promote the White House as a historical monument…

…Guests for the event, according to the invitation list, included the journalist and philanthropist Barbara Goldsmith, heiress Jane Engelhard, political consultant Cynthia Friedman, and “Mr Jeffrey Epstein and Ms. Ghislaine Maxwell.” Epstein and Maxwell do not appear on the ‘regret list,’ and there is a letter ‘A’ next to both of their names, indicating they planned to attend. A press release from the event, put out by Hillary Clinton’s office, lists Epstein as a White House Historical Association donor.

Clinton’s relationship with Epstein was not just in passing. It wasn’t a conversation at a party. It was extensive. The facts directly contradict what Clinton told the media just a few weeks ago. Yet, not a single media outlet has bothered to question him or his wife on the discrepancies. Until this Daily Beast report, we hadn’t even got any investigative reporting into it. Instead we got full throated parroting of his narrative. As I’ve said before, it’s good to be a Democrat.


All of these earlier contacts would lead us to the 2010’s where Clinton would be a guest at least 26 times on Epstein’s plane. As I noted earlier, on those manifests were names of underage girls who would later be revealed as victims of Epstein. Are we to believe Bill Clinton just didn’t notice them? Further, Bill Clinton has a ton of money. Why would he need Jeffrey Epstein to fly him around? Even more disturbing, one victim actually pinpoints Clinton as being on Epstein’s island where some of the worst abuse took place.

The Daily Beast has, to their credit, gathered some new evidence to show that Clinton is being dishonest here. Will the media run with it and demand answers or will they sweep this back under the rug? My money is on the latter.


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