NBC Airs Bombshell Video Involving Jeffrey Epstein That Will Surely Take Down Donald Trump

Just a day ago, I wrote a piece on the near total blackout that began in the Jeffrey Epstein case the moment that Sec. of Labor Acosta resigned. He was the only real connection to Donald Trump, being one of the prosecutors involved in Epstein’s sweetheart deal a decade ago. Once he was gone, the media hook was gone because if it’s not anti-Trump, it’s not worthy of coverage. The media’s shift showed that this was never about caring for abused women or bringing Epstein’s possible cohorts to justice. No, it was about how much mileage they could get out of a story to snipe at the President.


Well, the blackout ended this morning but in doing so, the media only further proved my point.

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” decided they had garnered a major scoop and played this video live for their viewers.

Yes, this video contains such criminal activity as dancing with women, laughing, and even pointing at things. There are two shots showing Trump and Epstein speaking in the midst of what looks to be hundreds of other people. The claim of Trump getting “handsy” literally boils down to him dancing with very jubilant NFL cheerleaders in a perfectly normal, expected manner.

The dumbest part? This video is from 1992. Yes, that’d be 27 years ago, before Epstein was even known to have done anything illicit. So apparently, Trump is guilty by association because he couldn’t see into the future and know that Epstein would abuse women some years later. In fact, Epstein did not even own his “pedophile island” in 1992, nor are there currently any victims dating back to that time. There’s absolutely no reason to believe this video shows anything more than Trump socializing among New York high society.


Even more in Trump’s favor regarding this nonsense is that he banned Epstein from Mar-a-Lago the moment he found out he was harassing women. He also went to the police and the victim described Trump as helpful to her case. Does that sound like a guy who’s secretly in league with Jeffery Epstein? Of course it doesn’t, but the media don’t care. They have no standards. It’s just “orange man bad” all the time.

Honest question for MSNBC. How is this video supposed to even damage Trump? Because I’m thinking it may have the opposite effect.


You mean Trump partied with women? Surely, this will take him down.

As Ed Morrisey wrote over at HotAir this morning, this entire thing is just ridiculously stupid and should be embarrassing for NBC.

Trump’s party wasn’t news when A Closer Look covered it, but at least they knew that they were in the cheesy, celebrity-obsessed media industry. NBC treats this like it’s actual news, and that it actually proves something. They report on a conversation they can’t make out by transcribing what Trump “appears to say,” and the conversation isn’t worth transcribing in the first place. Two single men commenting on attractive women at a party? Telling a joke that makes the other laugh? Heaven forfend! It might be news to NBC, but two single men don’t even have to be acquaintances to have a conversation like that at a party, especially when one of them is the host.

News organizations have been trying like mad to tie Trump to Epstein, but this lame attempt is an embarrassment for NBC. The most damage they do to Trump comes from the shots of him dancing, which are … hilarious. (That’s also not unusual for single men at parties.) Are they trying at all to find evidence of Bill Clinton at one of Epstein’s parties on Pedophile Island? That kind of party appearance would actually mean something.


While it’s fun to joke around about how silly this all is, there’s something far more serious at play here that needs to be addressed.

We have actual people possibly implicated in Epstein’s crimes, including a former President named Bill Clinton who was on multiple flights with underage girls. Those would be the same girls who would later come forward as victims of sexual abuse. But the media are too busy digging up 27 year old, completely irrelevant videos of Donald Trump dancing badly. It’s not just ludicrous, it’s bordering on immoral because it’s letting some very bad individuals off the hook.

Has NBC done one investigative report on Clinton’s pervasive connections to Epstein? Have they even mentioned that a victim actually IDed him on Epstein’s island? Do they care that Clinton provably lied in his recent statement about how many flights he took with Epstein? Or that he lied about always having secret service with him at all times? Does none of that matter in comparison to flailing about in desperation trying to nonsensically tie this to Donald Trump?

It’s not just Clinton either. There is evidence of many other powerful figures who didn’t just happen to socialize with Epstein, but flew on his “Lolita Express” and visited his island. But the media simply don’t care because they aren’t Trump. They are letting possible child rapists slink into the background because they can’t let go of their Trump delusions for even a minute to actually do their jobs. That’s pretty disgusting.


The media don’t care about these women. All the people on Twitter sharing baseless Trump-Epstein hashtags don’t care about these women. It’s all about politics for them, even in the face of children being raped. That’s a level of depravity that deserves to be called out.


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