Muslim Man Kills Jewish Woman, Judge Rules He Can't Stand Trial for Ridiculous Reason

A Jewish woman was brutally beaten and thrown to her death by a Muslim man in France. His identity as a Muslim is directly connected to the case given that he was mumbling about Allah when he did it and has a history of antisemitism. There’s no doubt he targeted this woman because she’s Jewish.


Seems pretty open and shut, right? Nah, it’s France and they’ve gone absolutely insane in regards to trying to handle their Muslim migrant population.

A Muslim man who killed a Jewish woman in an antisemitic attack was probably not criminally responsible because he was high on cannabis, a French judge has ruled.

Kobili Traore has been accused of murdering 65-year-old Sarah Halimi in her flat in Paris on 3 April, 2017.

Traore allegedly recited verses from the Quran as he beat Ms Halimi, before throwing her from a third-floor window.

“I’ve killed the Shaitan [devil],” the 29-year-old reportedly shouted.

Traore has confessed to the murder, but in a preliminary ruling on Friday, a judge who will decide whether he will stand trial said it was possible he was not responsible for his actions because he had smoked cannabis beforehand, Le Parisien reported.

Where’s that blinking gif when you need it?

Oh, here it is.

I don’t even know what you say about this but I’ll try.

How does smoking weed absolve you of murdering someone? Does France also let people off if they are drunk and kill someone driving? Worse, the psychiatric evaluations agreed this guy has no mental illness, so there was no underlying issue here keeping him from standing trial.

Yet, a judge has ruled that he’s not criminally responsible, using smoking weed as an excuse. Ignore the “probably” in the description above. His ruling requires the prosecution to now appeal the decision, otherwise the most punishment he’ll get is “treatment” and release.


Here’s another report with more details.

He could be hospitalized for treatment of his psychotic lapses or made to attend a drug rehabilitation program, or he could be released.

Khalifat’s op-ed published Monday on the CRIF website follows a series of protests over perceived delays in Traore’s trial and the efforts, including by judges, that CRIF and others have condemned as attempts to prevent a murder trial.

An aggravated element of a hate crime was added to Traore’s indictment following vocal protests by CRIF, which said that the omission of such charges may have part of a “cover up” by French authorities.

Witnesses said Traore called Halimi a “demon” as he was pummeling her. Halimi’s daughter said following the murder that Traore called her, the daughter, a “dirty Jewess” two years before the killing when they passed each other in the building.

The aggravated element there is the fact that this was clearly a premeditated hate crime based on the antisemitism. But the judge dropped that aspect of the crime as well.

Why is the judge doing this? You’d be forgiven for suspecting the Muslim identity of the man has something to do with it. Many European countries are currently scared to death to set off their migrant populations, which are laced with fundamentalist elements. Areas of anarchy, where police basically ignore crimes, are not a myth and exist in places like Paris, London, and Berlin. With millions of Islamic migrants moving into Europe in the past years, ruling authorities have been trying to maintain a delicate balance which has far too often tipped into excusing the criminality of migrants.


This handling of this case is patently absurd. While it’s completely inexcusable to ignore sexual assault and instead put out education campaigns pretending Islamic men just didn’t know it was wrong, it’s an entirely different level to excuse a hate crime and murder of a Jewish woman by citing the fact that Muslim guy smoked weed. He had harassed her family, called them dirty Jews, and stood over her body quoting the Quran.

I don’t live in Europe, but I can imagine it being pretty terrifying for Jews right now. When even murder is being ignored for specious reasons, it has to feel like their own government no longer has their back. That’s a feeling Jews have experience throughout history far too often, usually leading to really bad results. We can only hope the prosecution here wins their appeal and this monster is made to stand trial for his crimes.


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