Fraudster Shaun King Calls Antifa Firebomber a "Martyr" While Encouraging More Violence

In this undated photo, Shaun King poses where he was the lead pastor of Courageous Church in Midtown Atlanta. King, a blogger who rose to prominence in the aftermath of a police shooting last summer in Ferguson, Mo., pushed back against claims by conservative bloggers that his parents were both white and that he exaggerated an assault he endured two decades ago while attending high school in Versailles, Ky. (Vino Wong/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP)

This seems fine.

Shaun King, noted white guy, media personality, and self-styled #blacklivesmatter leader, praised the man who tried to firebomb an ICE facility as a “martyr.”


He deleted the tweets, but no worries, I’ve got the contents.

Willem Van Spronsen just became the first martyr attempting to liberate imprisoned refugees from a for-profit detention center in Tacoma, Washington.

His hero was John Brown -the white abolitionist who led the raid on Harpers Ferry in 1859.

This is what our country has come to.

— Shaun King (@shaunking) July 15, 2019

I’m not sure what the facility being “for profit” matters. But hey, it’s a good buzz-phrase.

The people in the facility have been detained by ICE because they have lawful deportation orders against them. Comparing any aspect of this nut job, who was incited by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her cohorts, to John Brown is just ludicrous.

No one is being enslaved here and just like Holocaust comparisons, it’s incredibly insensitive and gross to make such comparisons. These are people who purposely chose to break the law and even then, most of them had the opportunity to choose self-deportation instead of remaining in custody.

King goes on to laud the domestic terrorist as a hero who’s now “arm in arm with John Brown,” because this kind of praising of nonsensical violence totally isn’t dangerous.

We are told that this is the final letter of Willem Van Spronsen – who was shot and killed by law enforcement as he attempted an attack on a for-profit refugee detention center in Tacoma, Washington.

It’s a beautiful, painful, devastating letter.

He wasn’t crazy -inaction is.

— Shaun King (@shaunking) July 15, 2019


So not acting is crazy? Then why is King not acting, instead choosing to hide behind Twitter? Is he a coward? Does he not really oppose Nazis? Inquiring minds and all that.

This is where Willem was murdered this weekend.

His actions will be called terrorism and people will call him crazy, but neither are true. His mind was very clear.

He is now “arm in arm with John Brown.”

These camps must be shut down.

— Shaun King (@shaunking) July 15, 2019

His actions are being called terrorism because they were. Firebombing a government facility to push a political narrative is the definition of terrorism.

But leave it to a man who’s such a fraudster that he’s been dubbed “Talcolm X” to make ridiculous tweets like this, appropriating slavery in the process and basically begging for more people to get killed.

Will any of the outlets he works for condemn him? Nah, of course not. Will the media call him out? Of course not. He’s not a Republican after all.


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