Planned Parenthood President Launches Disgusting Attack Against Crisis Pregnancy Centers

This kind of thing is just depraved.

The vast majority of Planned Parenthood’s “services” boil down to performing abortions or some aspect leading up to performing an abortion. Given the great work Crisis Pregnancy Centers do to actually take care of women, you’d think Planned Parenthood would just slink away in shame and leave them alone.


But nope, these people have no shame.

This is total garbage and disgustingly dishonest.

They are health centers, whether Leana Wen wants to consider them that or not. In fact, they provide far more vital services for women than Planned Parenthood does.

At no point do CPCs offer misinformation to their clients. Instead, they offer them the full picture of what abortion is and the emotional issues having one can bring on. They let women know that there are other, actual humane ways to deal with an unwanted pregnancy aside from scrambling the child’s brain and sucking it out with a vacuum. PPFA has been notoriously exposed in the past for pushing abortion as the only viable option while counseling women not to choose adoption.

I’ve also never heard of a CPC shaming a woman. With thousands of them in existence, I’m sure some worker has gotten out over their skis, but the idea that there’s a culture of shame in CPCs is abject, slanderous nonsense. It’s the opposite in my experience (as someone who gives yearly to a center and whose wife has volunteered at it).


CPCs exist all over the country providing vital services to women who choose life. They do things Planned Parenthood won’t do, like provide actual pre-natal care, post-natal care, welfare assistance, diapers, bottles, counseling, parenting classes, etc. In other words, they actually care about the women who come through their doors.

Ask yourself what PPFA has to gain by slamming CPCs? The answer is simply money. The more women don’t choose abortion, the less the ghouls at Planned Parenthood make in cash because it’s literally their entire profit base, whether they want to admit it or not.

Killing kids is good for business for Dr. Wen and her cohorts. Instead of being cowards and attacking CPCs, they should just admit it and perhaps reflect on the evil they are inflicting on society.


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