Joe Biden, Dazed and Confused, Promises If You Like Your Health Insurance, You Can Keep Your Health Insurance


You may recall back in 2009 when former President Obama proclaimed that “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it.” Because the media felt the need to fluff the former President at all times, that obvious fib went nearly unchecked outside of right-wing sources for nearly five years. Politifact even dutifully gave it a “half true” rating twice. But by 2013, as Obamacare finally kicked in fully, they finally saw the light and rated it their “lie of the year.”


Obama even went so far as to admit he lied, in very diplomatic terms of course.

In announcing the fix, Obama again conceded he had exaggerated. “There is no doubt that the way I put that forward unequivocally ended up not being accurate,” he said. “It was not because of my intention not to deliver on that commitment and that promise.  We put a grandfather clause into the law, but it was insufficient.”

Given that Joe Biden was Obama’s VP at the time and helped spread the falsehood, he obviously learned his lesson and wouldn’t repeat the same lie again, right?

Nah, he just repeated the same lie again.

Are we back in 2009?


Did no one think to tell him this was a bad idea? Perhaps they did though and Joe Biden just ignored them. He’s developed a reputation in his young campaign of not listening to aids (sounds familiar) and choosing to just wing it. But come on, it’s nearly a word for word reproduction of Obama’s lie of the year. This should have been flashing red light for Biden to avoid. Instead, he stumbles right into it.

Some apologists may say things will be different this time, but nah, no chance. His proposed plan, which includes a public option and further restrictions on insurance, will undoubtedly produce even worse results than Obamacare for those with private and employer plans. As the market shifts and more people take the free healthcare option, insurance providers will be forced to drop people, raise prices, and ultimately may end up out of business. There’s no scenario where everyone just gets to “keep their healthcare” if they like it.

This smacks of him promising to cure cancer. It’s nonsensical, political garbage. There’s nothing worse than when someone running for office makes promises they know they can’t keep and Biden isn’t quick stupid enough to not realize what he was saying. Or maybe he is? Perhaps he’s just going senile and it didn’t dawn on him how big of a gaffe this is?


I don’t know, but what I do know is that Biden is really bad at campaigning. I’m not going to bury him just yet, but with Warren and Harris hot on his heels, the inevitability of Biden has vanished. He’s got a dogfight ahead and I don’t think “sleepy” Joe is up for it.


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