Ilhan Omar Claims Palestinian Opposition to Israel Is "Non-Violent"

Ilhan Omar speaking at worker protest against Amazon by Fibonacci Blue, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Netroots Nation has been a goldmine of Democrats saying ridiculous things. This may qualify as the most disconnected from reality though.


This past weekend, Rep. Ilhan Omar was speaking on a panel and went on a several minute monologue on hypocrisy. Apparently, because our country celebrates the non-violent movements of our civil rights era but we aren’t celebrating Palestinians for their non-violent movement, we are all hypocrites. Amazing how it always comes back to how awful Americans are.

People can have varying views on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. It’s no secret that I find the Palestinian Authority and Hamas to be dumpster fire organizations that purposely choose suffering and terrorism over peace. Regardless, what Omar is saying here is objectively false no matter what your view of Israel is. There is no “non-violent” Palestinian movement to “liberate” (her words) them from Israel.

Here’s more non-violence from the Palestinian movement in a video put out just last month.


It should also be noted that liberate in this context clearly means to destroy Israel. How do I know that? Because the Gaza Strip is not occupied. Israel pulled out over a decade ago and it is governed by a terrorist group that was voted in by the residents there. Omar is never pressed on that fact, nor is Rashida Tlaib, as they continually push the “occupation” talking point that is simply false. The logical end game of their views on Israel is its downfall and the erection of yet another Muslim fundamentalist government in the Middle East.

How that’s not more controversial is beyond me, but I realize that inter-sectionalism essentially provides these Congresswomen with total immunity from hard questions.

I’ll also note that at the end of the video, Omar makes another nonsensical comparison that shows how illogical her thought processes are. Namely, that if you think healthcare is a human right, you must support Medicare for All or you are a hypocrite. I don’t think healthcare is a human right for obvious reasons, namely that you can’t make something a right to relies on the labor of others. But even pretending that’s not the cardinal issue, couldn’t someone believe healthcare is a human right but simply think Medicare for All is a terrible, completely unworkable plan that would collapse the system?


This is how Omar operates though. She sets up a false dichotomy and then calls you a bigot and/or hypocrite if you don’t agree with her. And because she’s from Somalia and is a Muslim, no one is allowed to even object without being accused of inciting violence against her. It’s a nice racket she’s got going.


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