Protestors Tear Down and Desecrate U.S. Flag, Raise Mexican Flag Over ICE Facility in Colorado

In this Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2017, photo released by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, foreign nationals are arrested during a targeted enforcement operation conducted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) aimed at immigration fugitives, re-entrants and at-large criminal aliens in Los Angeles. Advocacy groups said that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers are rounding up people in large numbers around the country, with roundups in Southern California being especially heavy-handed, as part of stepped-up enforcement under President Donald Trump. (Charles Reed/U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement via AP)


If there are any moderate Democrats left out there, they must be tearing their hair out. All their party had to do was not be absolutely crazy and they simply can’t do it.

Today, protestors gathered outside an ICE facility in Aurora, CO to scream at officials who are simply trying to carry out lawful deportation orders. We’ve now reached the point in our country where one side of the aisle is literally saying that you can’t even deport criminals anymore.

The protestors decided it’d really win hearts and minds to storm the front of the facility, bring down the three flags present, and hoist a Mexican flag. They tried to burn the U.S. flag and spray painted “**** the cops” on the Thin Blue Line flag for good measure.

Per The Washington Times.

The incident saw activists take down three flags and replace them with the Mexican flag, a spray-painted “USA Thin Blue Line” flag, and a flag that said “F*** the Cops,” according to Aurora police.

Some activists also tried to burn the American flag, but officers declined to intervene, citing the need to protect the safety of officers and the “large majority who were acting peacefully” at the rally, which drew as many as 2,000.


What sense any of this makes is beyond any rational person’s comprehension. If they idea is that Latin American countries are so terrible that people must be allowed to come here illegally, why would you want to celebrate Mexico while desecrating the country’s flag you are fleeing to? If Mexico is so awesome that people feel the need to tear down the American flag and raise the Mexican flag, then illegal immigrants are welcome to apply for asylum there. It’d probably be less of a culture shock.

If you are wondering whether anyone was punished for the act of vandalism, nah. The Police Chief there didn’t do anything and actually blamed ICE for not putting up enough barriers.

“Beyond the removal, attempted destruction of the US flag, replacement of the flags, and some signs and poles being put on the main doors and windows, the protesters did not engage in behavior that warranted immediate intervention,” said Aurora Chief of Police Nick Metz in a Saturday statement.

Chief Metz also faulted ICE and the GEO Group, which runs the detention facility, for failing to heed the department’s advice to secure the bridge leading to the facility with water barrels to prevent pedestrians and vehicles from entering…

…At least one Democrat, Aurora city councilmember Nicole Johnston, said in a tweet that she attended the rally and thanked Aurora police for “keeping us safe and respecting our first amendment rights.”


Perhaps it wasn’t worth intervening at that moment, but were people arrested afterward? Of course not. Anarchy is the name of the game at these protests and the 1st amendment now apparently covers trespassing and destroying federal property. Nice to see an elected Democrat official showing up to be part of it all. That really sends the right message.

After the incident, some asked Democrats to condemn what happened.

Colorado’s rabidly liberal governor did finally chime in with this snarky nonsense.

Publicizing a picture of two dead migrants, who died trying to swim across a river outside of the United States, having absolutely nothing to do with the actions of Border Patrol, is just disgusting.

Furthermore, where are the cages in his other photos? Or are we now describing huge rooms as cages for extra effect? These people have to be held somewhere for processing. There’s noway around that and it’s beyond tiring that some morons keep pretending CBP can snap their fingers and teleport kids to foster homes immediately. What exactly would Polis like CBP to do with unaccompanied minors (who make up the vast majority of detained children)? Would he like to give his address out and arrange them being dropped off on his doorstep? Of course not, because he’s a do-nothing, hypocritical politician who’s just grand-standing for political reasons.


The intellectual dishonesty surrounding the immigration debate has reached unbelievable levels. The same people who deny funding and call for the abolition of the agencies taking care of these people then turn around and complain about overcrowding and sub-par conditions. It’s the worst kind of politics and the only reason they are getting away with it is because the media are nearly 100% compliant and complicit.

In the end though, this is going to backfire. A sizable majority of voters do not want open borders, they do not blame the Border Patrol for being in a lose/lose situation, and they are against abuse of our asylum laws. The continued insanity coming from the left over this issue is going to drive more and more people to the Republican party and it’ll be well deserved.


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