Netroots Nation, Headlined by Elizabeth Warren, Demonstrates a Do-It-Yourself Abortion On Stage

Netroots Nation is a gathering of crazies that happens each year where no idea is too liberal and no position is too insane.

Don’t kid yourself though, this is a mainstream Democrat conference that hosts the biggest names in the party each summer. The media treat it as mainstream as well, glowingly reporting on it in a way they never do regarding CPAC. This year Elizabeth Warren, who has managed to climb into 2nd place in the 2020 Democrat primary, headlined the event.


Given this is a “progressive” gathering, it’s a given that every single person in attendance, from the stage to the people who clean the bathrooms, is rabidly pro-abortion.

Even still, this is shocking.

Yes, that’s a woman gleefully demonstrating on a watermelon how a woman can give herself a do-it-yourself abortion at home. In her hand is some kind of device designed to do the procedure. She proclaims it’s “easy” and “not surgery.” This is happening on stage, in front of the same crowd the major 2020 candidates are speaking in front of.

The celebration of abortion in this way is just unfathomably evil and sick. This is a fetish to these people. It was just a decade or so ago that Democrats were insisting abortion should “safe, legal, and rare.” Now, they perform abortions on watermelons on stage. It’d be unbelievable if we weren’t all witnesses it play out so vividly.

But perhaps it’s best they are being honest now. Like the slavers who would take pleasure in abusing their victims, pro-abortion extremists seem to actually enjoy the idea of women killing their babies for sport. The audience and panelists are actually clapping and laughing as this woman explains a horribly inhumane procedure that takes another human life. The fact that we’ve arrived at such a depraved state as a nation still baffles me.


Meanwhile, the same media that will lose their minds over Donald Trump getting two scoops of ice cream will not even acknowledge this disgusting display took place. Instead, they’ll continue to mainstream the conference and pretend this is all perfectly normal.

One day, future generations are going to look back on pro-abortionists with all the disgust we now look back on slavery with. I just pray that future generation makes its appearance sooner rather than later.


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